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The massacre begins

In the opening salvo of the season, I took out the first chipmunk yesterday, and apparently a second one today. The traps were unbaited – just set by the hole. I need to get out the jar of peanut butter and the stakes and get the rest of the traps out. The little bastards are digging all sorts of new holes in my gardens and under my driveway. The neighbor’s cat is doing her level best to thin the population, but she can’t keep up.

I realize that I haven’t posted a basement update since last Thursday – I’ll try to remember. Thursday was a complete loss, as the neighbor’s oak tree came down in the winds at 5:05pm, yanking the power supply line off the pole in the process. That tripped the safety in the transformer, and about a half a dozen houses lost power. CL&P was very, very busy that afternoon, so we didn’t get our power back until just before midnight. I didn’t feel like basement cleaning by lantern light, so I chalked it up to an act of God and moved on. I blew off Friday to prep for the event on Saturday that I didn’t make. Oh well. At least things were pulled together to send Bob off in good order.

Saturday I got in a fairly decent basement clean during Charlotte’s huge nap. Planting the hostas had been my first priority, but once that was done I moved downstairs. Nothing really stands out in my mind, so it was probably fairly basic pick-up-and-put-away/shuffle stuff to a new location sort of a deal. By the time Bob got home from Rhode Island, I had pretty much declared myself to be mostly done. The rest of the remaining mess is his. Don’t get me wrong though: I’ve still got some things to deal with down there. I’ve got a big tub of problem fabric that is a hair’s breadth from taking a ride in the dumpster: I will never use it; I have tried to sell it to people; I have tried to give it to people. Every piece will get a cycle through a barony meeting, and if it comes back home with me – it’s going away the next Wednesday morning. I AM going to root through it for something sturdy enough to make myself a set of sandbags (long story,) but I’ve stored the rest long enough. It’s time to be done. On the bright side, it’s all stuff from Affordable Fabric, so it’s not like I’m throwing away a ton of money. I’ve also got one exposed box of assorted knick knacks to place/dispose of. Other than that, I’m done.

No, that does not include the crawl space – that is an entirely different creature. One with claws, and teeth.

So now I just need to help Bob with the remainder of his mess, and I think it’s not as bad as it looks.

Sunday was taken up with more planting, hauling some more of the neighbor’s tree up to our house, and a trip to Lowes to buy a sledge and a couple of wedges. I suspect that we’ll be going back for the splitting maul, but for right now the goal is just to get the wood onto our own property. The rounds from the bottom third of the tree were just too heavy for us to haul unsplit, so he’s splitting them in place and then hauling the pieces. The day wound up with a massive sorting and logging in of Salvation Army donations. Six more bags of stuff have left the building.

I *should* box up more of the donations tonight, but instead I think that I’m going to take Charlotte outside and I’m going to dig lilies out of the back yard. I got my soil analysis back from UConn, and they’ve recommended that we add 50 lbs of lime per 1,000 square feet and retest in three to four years. When you read into the detail sheets, they discuss how you should never add more than 50 lbs of lime per 1,000 square feet at one time. I guess we need a lot of lime, eh? How… appropriate… I’ve decided that I’m going to dig as many of the lilies out before this project as I can, just to get them out of the way. So I’m going to start pulling them out and sending them back to the brush pile. If nothing else, I’ll be getting some exercise. I’ll be able to focus on fixing up the “yard” once the chimney work is completed. To start with, I need a rough measurement for how many square feet we have so that I can start buying lime. Maybe I can get Bob to help me with that tonight. Hey – maybe I’ll play with the long tape and see if I can find the damn dry wells! Next year we’ll be due to have the septic pumped, so it will be good to have located those structures.

No rest for the wicked…



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May. 6th, 2010 02:09 pm (UTC)
The fabric you plan to toss in the dumpster? Give it to me in a container labelled "fabric for freecycle" and I'll find it a home. Sorry I didn't think of that last meeting. Bonus if I know it's coming so I can find a home in advance.

There are some outreach programs that periodically ask on my freecycle group for fabric & homegoods to help people set up houses. (I know you don't want people on your land, but if you ask around maybe you can find a local outreach program so you don't have to carry it to me. Churches are a good bet...)

Can you tell I lived through a landfill fight when I was younger? scarred for life.
May. 7th, 2010 06:21 pm (UTC)
Re: d'oh

I've had no luck with outreach groups, and I've already got a full time job and a lifestyle hobby. If you've got a plan, I have a tub for you! I'll sort it some and send you a list.

I do so hate having to throw out perfectly good stuff...
May. 10th, 2010 12:45 pm (UTC)
Re: d'oh
All I need is number&size of storage containers, and a summary of what's inside -- not a complete list. "Clean unused fabric" is probably enough, but also helpful if you have time is general type of fabric (eg quilting/upholstery/etc), and/or "in lengths from 1/x yard to x yards".

My "plan" is to post it to freecycle and someone will come to me to pick it up. I can't take more at one time than can fit in the front of the pickup truck. (We did not get to purge anything from the back this weekend--mostly baby things. The truck is currently auxiliary storage since it lost power steering and can go NOWHERE until Rob has time to evaluate....feh.)

I also have a lead on someone who might want to come pull your daylilies if you haven't roundup'd them yet.
May. 10th, 2010 02:53 pm (UTC)
Re: d'oh
It's not that much at this point (as I recall,) so I'll try to bin it and list it. I've got a couple of boxes piled on top at the moment, so once those have been dealt with, I'll get you a list!

I have not yet done anything about the lilies. I contemplated pulling them and sending them back to the pile this weekend, but it was Too Damn Chilly. So they're still there...
May. 10th, 2010 03:14 pm (UTC)
Re: d'oh
I hear you on chilly -- kite-flying got cut short because V's hands got so cold so fast. No fair to need hat&gloves in midMay!

I'll check with the Daisy Scout troop leader if she's gung-ho enough to meet me in B'ton and get back to you by email.
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