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This is NOT Rhode Island


Original plans were to be at Bridge Investiture in Rhode Island today.  It's the end of an era, and such things should be witnessed.

You've noticed that I'm not there, I'm sure.

Last night we put Charlotte to bed, and she was coughing in her sleep a fair bit, which was worrying.  Just short of midnight she woke up coughing and crying - that low, inconsolable, "I'm miserable," heart-breaking crying.  So Bob and I took turns rocking her, and noticed that she was also hot to the touch.  I got her a half a cup of milk spiked with Tylenol, and she fell asleep drinking it.  I don't wish her sick, but it's the only time she ever wants to be held like that, and it's really endearing.  Bob got her back into her crib, and she stayed asleep.

This morning she still had a nasty wet cough, so I sent him off to Bridge and took her to the pediatrician.  She's a sick little girl.  A very cheery, energetic, acting just like herself, very sick little girl.  The doctor had to clean the earwax out of her ears to be able to see anything, and while she was issuing formal complaints about this violation of the Geneva Convention at the top of her lungs, she brought up an awful amount of very thick (the doctor's description) mucus.  That made me realize that the bubbles she's been blowing for the past week were probably mucus, not just spit.  Poor little girl needs more observant parents.  So she's got a croupy cough, an ear infection, and who knows what else.  She's probably got something viral AND something bacterial.  She has a nice prescription for the bacterial infection, and by the time that's clear the virus will have run it's course.

I was regretting losing the day of work around the house, but this isn't how I wanted to get it back.

Yes, I'm stalling.  Down to the basement now...
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