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As you will recall if you’ve been tracking the exciting life and adventures of Eloise underground, Tuesday and Wednesday were my problem days because of other commitments. Tuesday actually worked out spectacularly well. The other person who regularly comes to practice came a little later than usual, so I was able to bomb downstairs and get my doing done before Bob needed to go outside. I got into the crawlspace, pulled out several boxes of my junk, did a fast reshuffle of the remaining boxes in that area, and got out. The part that was kind of sad was that when I looked into those boxes I realized that almost everything that was in them had been destined for either the Salvation Army or the trash before they went into the crawlspace in the first place. That’s the kind of garbage that really irritates me. So I have more things set aside to donate, and more stuff went out for the curb. I did not put my mat cutter out to the curb, despite the fact that it doesn’t work. Bob claims that he can fix it, and despite the fact that he told me that six or so years ago (and doesn’t remember any of it,) I’m going to keep it for the moment.

I decided to keep a little of the mat board scrap – some of the colors that I really like that I’m not sure I can get any longer, and all in smaller pieces. These days, anything large I’d likely be framing at JoAnn Fabrics with a 50% off coupon, but if Bob mends the cutting jig, I might still cut some smaller ones myself. The large sheets are going to a friend of a friend who is a photographer. I have to arrange to have that delivered. I sorted through that on Tuesday also, and I now have a box that has some full sheets, some half sheets, and a few ¾ sheets. The rest of the small pieces I bagged up and sent to day care for craft projects. That wasn’t a bad evening’s work.

Last night however, the massage therapist really beat me up (all that time in the crawl space didn’t do good things for my back), and I did indeed just sit on the couch followed by going to bed early. I can still feel her thumb in my left bicep this morning. However, my head turns further and I’m standing up straighter.

I think that tonight’s mandate is donations. That may remove some visual bulk. Also, I can haul the boxes upstairs and log/sort them in the library, which is a much nicer environment than the basement. It’s a shame that there isn’t an EK travel fund auction at Bridge Investiture this weekend – some of this batch would be nice donations for that. But if I send it off to the Salvation Army I get nice deductions off of my taxes (which are easily documentable.) So either way it’s good.

In other news, Northeastern Chimney was out on Tuesday for their first appointment with us to sweep the three wood burning flues. He said that the woodstove flue wasn’t bad, and he vacuumed out the cleanout as thoroughly as he could in order to eliminate as much of the creosote smell this summer as possible. When it gets humid and the stuff gets damp, it just reeks and I hate that. What disturbed me more than a little was news of a dead squirrel on the smoke ledge in Ziggy. When, and how did that happen? We never smelled anything, but apparently there wasn’t much left beside fur.

There are all sorts of things involved in that discovery that I’m just not going to think about too hard. It’s gone now, so I don’t need to overanalyze.

So three of the four flues have been swept and are all put to bed for the season. The boiler flue will get its stainless steel lining on the 10th, and I probably won’t bother to have it swept in the fall. All it really does during the summer is heat water when we turn on the tap, so I’ll sweep it next right before heating season of 2011. Despite my brave words to vynehorn , while doing good things to the mechanical systems of the house IS sexy (especially when you get a nice discount), cosmetic things would be a lot more fun. Although mudding the drywall patch in the half bath would be a cosmetic thing, and you’ll notice that I’m putting that off.

I need to be productive today and tomorrow, because this weekend is going to be a complete loss. Saturday we’re going to Rhode Island for Bridge Investiture, and Sunday I’ve volunteered us to go back down to my parents’ house to help process the ash tree they took down. With all the work dad does for us, the least we can do is go down and haul wood.

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