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Day… 10, I think?

Last night was barony meeting, but I’m going to count it as progress because a lot of things found homes. I took a trunk full of stuff and hardly brought anything back. I’m going to count that as my time for the evening. That being said, I’m not going to hold stuff waiting for the next barony meeting, but will continue to box stuff up for the Salvation Army.

Charlotte did reasonably well last night – I brought a couple of books that she hasn’t seen before, and she was mostly pretty good. It’s tough – meeting runs until 9:00, which is past her bedtime, but a lot of the time we don’t get to the real business until the very end. Unfortunately, instead of getting sleepy and slowing down when she’s tired, she gets manic. And loud. Bob took her out of the room last night when she got a little disruptive, so next month it should be my turn. I want to make sure that people don’t dread us showing up because of her. They may dread us showing up because of me, but that’s a separate matter.

Every so often I toy with the idea of taking the seneschalate just so that I can run the meetings with an agenda and a clock. Luckily I already know that I’d do a terrible job, so I’ll spare the barony that indignity.

I don’t know if there is going to be archery practice tonight or not – it’s all going to depend on how hard it’s raining at 5:30. Either way I need to address some basement things in advance of tomorrow’s trash pickup. As does Bob, but all I can do is keep reminding him.


*       I need to look at a bin full of mat scraps and determine if any of them are large enough to save for the person who is taking the large sheets of mat board. The little stuff – straight to the trash.

*        I need to take a look into the mat board boxes and see what are full sheets and what are partials – and can the partials be cut down in a fashion to make them more transportable.

*         I need to pull a couple of boxes out of the crawl space and confirm my suspicion that they do indeed consist of junk that can be thrown out – and then throw it out. In particular, there is an old (broken) laundry basket that is filled with “stuff.” I’m pretty sure that 90% or more of that stuff is trash. Including the basket itself.

*       I need to remember to take the baby chair down to the curb for the trash. It’s too worn for the consignment shop and the Salvation Army no longer accepts baby “gear.” I tried, they said “no,” it needs to be out of my garage. It was a hand me down that Charlotte never actually used, and it just needs to go.

I think that should take care of tonight’s obligation. If it’s not raining too hard and I have an iota of energy to spare I’m going to dig out some lilies for my massage therapist. I can bag them up and throw them in the trunk. I’ve also got the hundred and seven hostas from my mother that I need to plant, but for right now they’re happy in their bags and pots. They can wait until it stops raining.

Tomorrow is going to be Salvation Army logging and bagging to get another car load out of the house.

It’s strange – I appear to have gotten past the angst, and I’m actually enjoying myself. That’s a huge step for a pack rat like me. Huge. But it’s very freeing to not let the crap own you any longer. Just get rid of it. I got started by convincing myself that if I really needed something I discarded, I would buy a new one. So far, that hasn’t happened. And it’s so cool that I’m making space for things of my grandmother’s and for pieces that I truly love. This is beginning to be an awful lot of fun. Just wait until July, when we tackle the garage!


In other news, Northeastern Chimney is at the house to sweep the three wood-burning flues. That’ll probably be about $400. The two fireplaces probably don’t need sweeping from a safety standpoint, because we don’t use them that often. The woodstove flue on the other hand is likely a chimney fire waiting to happen. In the past that flue has generally been in good shape (relatively speaking) – we burn hardwood and run it hot. But I can feel that there is a substantial creosote buildup around the damper. I feel bad that they have such awful weather to have to be up on the roof. But I suppose that’s part of the job. They’re great folks – prompt, professional, thorough, and polite. What else can you really ask for? I guess I’m glad that the sweep the previous owners used were such asshats about things, or I might not have found the outfit we’re using now.

I need to pick up the pace again if we’re going to be “done” by May 9.

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