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Day 5 – another day in a subterranean paradise

Another shift that did not go as planned. That seems to be the current modus operandi, and rather than rail against the reality I’m choosing to roll with it.

I got boxes of rally trophies back into the crawl space, and Bob hauled the speakers over to be condemned to the darkness. I hadn’t been planning to deal with them, so I have to admit that I took it with fairly poor grace. I’ll put it this way – the crawl space is not tall. I don’t have a measurement, but it’s slightly shorter than I am on hands and knees, so it’s not a lot of fun in there. It also loads everything into your low back, because when you have to lift up something heavy while on your hands and knees, there just aren’t any other muscles available. Those speakers are heavy. But now there’re under there.

I also took stock of where the process has gotten to, and I have to admit that I’m discouraged. I’ve taken a fairly huge amount of garbage out. I’ve sent two loads to the Salvation Army. I’ve got a load that I’m taking to barony meeting to give away. I’ve got a bin full of trim and fabric that I’m taking to daycare for craft projects. But when I go and look at the boiler side… it still needs to be cleaned before Northeastern Chimney can come and work. Sigh. In fairness, an awful lot of what is over there is Bob’s, so I should be nagging him instead of beating myself up.

What else did I do? I tidied up the camping/SCA shelves, and put some stuff from the crawl space away on them.  [Side note: do we really need four sleeping bags? I think I may get rid of my old one. That leaves us with the two that can be used separately or zipped together as a double, and Bob’s old one.] I opened the two crates of fabric related items, and did a first pass sort on the fabric. Some of that is going to daycare, and I’m taking an armful to barony meeting to try to give it away. The trim goes to daycare. The buttons I’m still going to try to… never mind, I’m taking the buttons to barony meeting to give away. That stuff is down to a half full bin, and I dragged it over to the stair side.

The boiler side has an awful lot of clutter still. Off the top of my head, there is a window air conditioner, the old dining room fixture (Bob’s old one, not the one that came with the house), two boxes of “iron feet” for shoe making (I need to buy some shelf bits on Saturday, and then those will be put away), a box of low-voltage walkway lights (perhaps those could be installed?), two boxes of scrap lumber bits, half a dozen carboys (full, not empty), a bunch of plywood, a bunch of banner stand bases, some disassembled steel shelves, a bow rack that our ceilings aren’t tall enough for, and the pieces of baby-gate enclosure from the woodstove. Other than the iron feet, I have no idea what to do with any of that. I think it’s time for the other homeowner to chime in.

Tonight I AM going to get the plywood out and into the garage. I’m going to box up more stuff for the Salvation Army. I’m going to organize the stuff that I’m staging in the library so that it can *all* be staged in the library. That way I can get it out of the basement and change the visual. I’m going to pull the banner stand bases into the garage also. It’s just moving a problem from one area to another, but that will allow access to the back of the brewing shelves so that we can assess that area.

Dear God, I WANT that loft in the garage! Who builds a garage with that kind of roof height and doesn’t put in the structure for a loft floor? Seriously! The way the house sits on the lot there’s no way it could be a bonus room, but it would be a KICK ASS storage loft. I could put the big camping stuff up there – the canvas, the poles, the pavilion furniture and the camp chairs. I could put deck furniture up there during the winter. I want that SO badly every time I look at the bins of canvas taking up space in my basement. But they didn’t build with that in mind, and I need to have an architect or possibly a structural engineer make me some plans of how to do it. Dad allowed as to how he could help us build it, but he wants it designed by someone with a clue. This is the first thing I’ve ever had my father not be able to do for me. I don’t know how much those plans would cost, but I’m pretty sure it’s more than I want to pay before Bob has a job.

That doesn’t stop me from wanting it though.

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