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Day four of the basement marathon

No one really cares about this, but I’m writing to keep myself honest and to keep progress moving forward. Public shaming really does work for me…

Last night I was going to have Bob watch Charlotte while I went down and moved stuff around, but it was such a beautiful day that I sent him out to shoot even though there was no one else there for practice. While he did that Charlotte and I went to the library, and while she played with her puzzles I got the first batch for the Salvation Army logged into ItsDeductible.com for next year’s taxes. I got finished just about the time his arms did, and while he put on water for pasta, I headed downstairs.

I count the time logging the donations as part of my time on the basement because that is a necessary step to actually get the stuff out of the house.

I got four plastic bins of “staged” stuff back into the crawl space – two bins of stuffed animals that are in nice enough condition for Charlotte when she’s old enough; the bin of closet storage items that I may or may not want for her closet after the crib is gone; and the bin of SCA garb that we’re not *quite* ready to let go of yet. I also sorted out the garb for galingale to look through and got it into a bin that she can take if she wants the garb. Just about at that point dinner was ready, so I took off the work gloves and the kneepads and went upstairs to eat ziti and watch TV for a little while.

I also talked a bit about the rally files with Bob. Naturally, out of six or seven copy paper boxes full of manila envelopes that are filled with rally instructions, I plucked out the one that was perfect and pristine to evaluate. Once I got a stack of them to work, I discovered that the rest of them are filled with assorted bits and pieces of paper in stapled groups. Since I don’t understand them, I can’t order them. Bob went through seven of them, put the bits in order and threw away the extraneous pieces of paper, and I tried again this morning. That project is firmly under way, and I’m very pleased. That's more of a "crawlspace purging" issue than a "basement cleaning" issue, but it still needs doing and it's kind of cool.  For a sad, geeky value of "cool."

Bob’s tasks for today were to haul the first big load of trash down to the curb for pickup, and to take the first load over to the Salvation Army. I’ll have him take the large chest of drawers over tomorrow, because he’s going to need my car for that. It’s probably too much to hope that he’s begun to address the brewing area, but I’m hoping nonetheless.

Tonight I’m going to get the rest of the boxes that are destined to return to the crawl space back in there, I’m going to get the assorted plywood into the garage, and possibly I am going to tidy up the shelves with the SCA gear on them. That last one is likelier to happen tomorrow, but we’ll see. Maybe I'll have *him* haul the plywood to the garage.  Right now I’m trying to clear space on the side nearest the stairs so that the extraneous stuff that’s on the side nearest the boiler can slide around while I figure out what to do with it.  Air conditioners are a real pain to store when you’re not using them. Unfortunately, I have a purpose for this particular air conditioner, or else I’d donate it.

AND I got rid of an old television at the company’s electronics recycling event yesterday.

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