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Small Progress

This weekend was Coronation and company, so I didn't get much done.  My friend Jan and family drove up from New Jersey Friday night - we knew that it was a small site and wanted to stake our claim to some space as early as possible.  We got a later start on Saturday than we had wanted, but it wasn't awful.  The awful part was the traffic.  The Connecticut drivers were all much more... Connecticut than I am accustomed to seeing on a weekend.  I swear a few of them were actually trying to kill us.  Nonetheless, we got to the site in good time, gated in with no trouble... and remembered that we had left lunch in the fridge at home.  I am SUCH an idiot.  Bob offered to run back home for it, and despite feeling guilty about it, I let him.  We each had a cross to bear, as that left me single-parenting at the event for a couple of hours.  Naturally, Charlotte did fine all the while we were just hanging out, and then decided to fuss uncontrollably during court.  So I gathered up my stuff and we wandered all over the site.  Bob got back just in time for me to turn her over and pop in to see the actual Coronation ceremony, which was very nice.  I am curious though - is there some sort of hair length requirement for the thrones these days?  I'm half expecting to see an award for "hairdresser to Their Majesties."

Afterwards, we more or less took turns walking up and down the hallway and sidewalk with Charlotte.  She appears to be at one of those "difficult" ages.  At least, that's what they call it in the books and newsletters.  *I* call it megalomania.  She wants what she wants, when and how she wants it, and deferrals, substitutions, or outright refusals Will Not Do.  She has become very practiced at pitching a fit over the last couple of weeks.  I am becoming practiced at removing her to somewhere it won't disturb people and ignoring it.  The problem at Coronation was that she was exhausted, and Would Not Nap.  There were way too many interesting things to see, and with the crowd inside the hall, it was generally way too stimulating.  Then about a half an hour before first court, I was trying to keep her calm just long enough to finish my sentence.  I did that by giving her the nap blanket, and rocking her a little.  All I really wanted was to hear the end of the story that kass_rants  was telling.  The unexpected result of this was that she fell over onto my shoulder like someone had hit her with a 2 x 4.  Which was good - she was finally asleep.  Which was bad - because there was no way I was going to try to take her into court, and now I was stuck as a human mattress.  Oh well - these things are going to happen.

Unfortunately she had just enough power nap during court to be wide awake - and cranky - when we got to the restaurant afterwards.  However I managed to placate her witha cup of milk spiked with infant Tylenol, and once it kicked in she happily chowed down a steamed dumpling and a decent chunk of her father's spicy Thai chicken.  If you're ever in the vicinity of East Windsor, CT, I highly recommend Mei Tzu.  The storefront is practically non-existent, but the dining room is lovely, the food is outstanding, and the prices are good.

Sunday morning and early afternoon were taken up with visiting with our company, but after they hit the road I felt like I really needed to accomplish *something.*  Having finally found the hand pruners, I roamed the property trimming things back.  I'm going to go medieval all over the forsythia once they're done blooming, but for right now the flowers are nice.  Ditto the azalea.  Right now it's gorgeous - and buzzing.  But once the flowers are done it's going to get much, much smaller.  The rhododendron may just be going altogether - I'm not sure about that. 

As part of the vegetative massacre, we finally got all the way around the property line with pieces of rebar and neon pink marking tape.  I paid something like $1,200 for that survey, and I'm not going to lose track of that line through carelessness - *especially* when the house next door to us is for sale.  I also finally managed to get a stake into one of the long runs where there wasn't an intermediate marker.  I've got another long run like that on the other side, but I ran out of rebar.  I think marking the edges is going to become a spring task.  In the process of slogging around, I stumbled (literally) over the remains of what might have been a wall at one point.  I can't really call it a "stone wall" because it's almost completely flush with the ground - which is probably why I never noticed it before.  Possibly there was a wall whose stone was scavenged - I can't tell.  Regardless, I'm going to relocate those stones to along the property line that is right up against our closest neighbor.  In a perfect world I would have a proper New England stone wall along that edge.  Alas, we do not live in a perfect world, so I'll create whatever I can by myself.  Those stones will be a good start, always assuming that my wheelbarrow is up to the task.  Either way, the property line is now completely flagged with materials more permanent than pine stakes.  This is good.

After Frauline Diktator woke from her nap, the work moved inside, and was mostly just converting the library from "guest bedroom" back to "library."  Nothing terribly newsworthy there, aside from the fact that I'm really jonesing for my new bookcases.  That's the nice thing about company - it forces me to pick up the first floor of the house.  On the other hand, we won't talk about the second floor - I've lost the sewing room again.  We're hosting canton meeting this Friday, so that will give me some incentive to keep it picked up.  At least for a week.

This week - the basement!  I have a trash can, and I'm not afraid to use it.
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