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I think I have made a terrible mistake.

Several years ago, while I was pregnant with Charlotte I overdid raking and damn near raked my arms off my shoulders.  I thought I was being careful, but I overdid it in a huge way.  Well, ever since I've made a point to take projects like this by bits and pieces.  Except that today was SO absolutely gorgeous that I kept at it so that I could be outside.  I'm definitely starting to feel it.  I've taken preemptive ibuprofen, so I'm hoping that it won't be as bad as last time.  Also, I have significantly better arm muscles than last time because of toting Charlotte around.

Pray for me.  :-)

BUT... my raking is all but done.  Bob has a LOT of leaves to haul before it rains on Sunday.  Luckily for me, Charlotte took two HUGE naps today, so I was able to get everything raked with her inside and the monitor on my belt.  I'll have a bit more cleanup to do after Bob has hauled the piles away.  Firstly, he NEVER actually cleans up where the pile was, so I'll have to re-rake those spots.  Also, once the piles are gone I'll probably want to do just a bit more in some spots.

As an extra bonus zfarcher stopped by after his walk in Sessions Woods and I finally got to show him the place. 

Charlotte woke up at that point, and while I possibly could have set her up in the pack and play and kept going, I was starting to feel what I'd done, and decided to stop.  So I popped up the stroller and we went for a walk around the neighborhood - the first time we've done that.  It's a nice area to walk with the stroller.  I thought about going a little further, but I'm not sure about traffic on the cross street.  I want to have Bob with us for that walk - just more people for better visibility while walking on that road.

In a perfect world, I would now pick up the downstairs.  We don't live in a perfect world.

I have a feeling that I'm not going to be able to move tomorrow.
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