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I have questions for the gardening types out there.

When we bought the house, there were (and are) garden beds all around.  All of which I have neglected for the past few years, due to the enormous amount of work we've been doing inside.  Late last year I finally turned some attention to the outside.  That was mostly composed of making two of the beds MUCH smaller.  One of them is going to be a complete do-over, but the other is the bed of day lilies, which I would like to keep, because I like day lilies.  Here's the thing - when we moved in, everything was mulched.  Not newly, but what was there still had some legs on it.  That mulch has undergone almost four years of decomposition, which is to say... it's gone.  The front isn't doing too badly, and the two do-over beds are hopefully going to get some attention from me this year, but the lily bed needs new mulch in order to keep the weeds under control.

So when does one do this?  Can I mulch in the spring, and have stuff come up through it?  If so, how deep do I put it down?  Do I have to wait until things are already up and mulch around them?  Do I need to wait until fall and mulch as things are going dormant?

Also, any ideas about how to end the career of a wisteria?  That damn thing Will Not Die.

Next I need to learn about lawns.  Because I want a little bit of grass where Charlotte can play.  Which is good, because I only have a little bit of yard.
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