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Laundry, gutters, and cleaning. Oh my.

There is nothing on my list for this evening that I want to do. Laundry, because I’m almost out of some very important categories of clothing. I still haven’t put the last loads away – I’ve just been fishing what I need out of the basket. Then I get to climb a ladder and clean the gutters. Oh, joy. I noticed this morning that the gutter under the bathroom window was full of standing water again: apparently we should be doing this every couple of weeks. Gutter guards just climbed higher on my list. Unfortunately, our gutters are also pitched incorrectly, so even when they’re completely clean they have standing water in them. Need to do something about that, even if it’s just buying some mosquito dunks. But for today, I’m climbing the ladder and pulling out the crap. I’m actually fairly worried about the gutter along the back dormer – we couldn’t get to that one last fall because we don’t own a tall enough ladder, so I’m sure that it’s brim-full of oak slime. I’ve either got to get an extension ladder or hire someone to get up there. Soon.

What other fun is there? I need to start cleaning for a potential visit from Bob’s family next week. They last saw the house around New Year, and it’s changed a lot. I’d like them to comment on the progress, not the mess. So it’s an evening with the washing machine, the gutters, and the vacuum.

Maybe I’ll just stay at work.