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Storage Dilemma

I have a lot of issues that fall into the category "storage dilemma."  But right at this particular moment in time I'm only fishing for ideas for one of them.

Cassette tapes.

I have a copy paper box full of cassette tapes.  Some of them can probably be easily replaced by repurchase of a CD (or I suppose on MP3 at this point in the technology spectrum,) but some cannot.  I've read up on how to rip cassettes to MP3, and quite possibly I'll do that at some point since it doesn't seem to be beyond my capacity.  However - some point is not now.  I've got more pressing issues.  Like finding the floor in my basement, for example, or any horizontal surface in the sewing room.

So I need to store these for an indeterminate amount of time.  Preferrably in an accessible fashion so that when I actually want one (like when I'm driving mom's Jeep across the radio wasteland that is Pennsylvania,) I don't have to empty the box onto the floor and then refill it one cassette at a time.  What I don't want are stacks of those old attache cases with the plastic inserts.  Even when I still had them I hated them.  These are probably going to land in the basement, so display is not an issue - just reasonably accessible storage.

I found a great shelving unit at Ikea that's currently holding all the vinyl albums AND an assortment of board games that I'm very happy with.  I'm hoping for an equally useful solution for the tapes.

Does anyone have an idea that's better than "a better organized copy paper box?" 



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Jan. 27th, 2010 02:46 pm (UTC)
reasonably accessible
Sterilite makes a tote-sized clear plastic box for files. Cassettes fit in it fairly nicely -- not a lot of extra wiggle room.
It's a step up from copy-paper boxes because you can see a large sample of what's inside.

Rob's got the gadget that enables tape-to-MP3 conversion, so let me know when you're ready to convert. (It worked nicely so I bought an album-to-MP3 gadget only to find out that I need to install software...which means I'm waiting until he clears out a computer for me. sigh.)
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