kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

The Sun Never Shines In Burlington

I can't recall if I'm mentioned this phenomena before, but it doesn't.  Remember my "outdoor list?"  It's pissed down rain all day.  Bob is still working on the storm door (he has a few things to say to the people at Anderson), and I'm so hormonal at the moment that I can't function.  Oversharing, that.  But true nonetheless.  The only real progress I made today was devastating a forsythia, a hydraingea, two shrubs that I don't know what they are, ripping out most of the euonymous, cutting DOWN some evergreen cypress thing, and ripping the bayberry out by it's roots.

It felt good.  I'm in that kind of mood.

I'm stumped by the quince and an azalea.  They're both in the worst possible places, and I think they're both too big to transplant.  The azalea is just too gorgeous to kill, so it may get an apocalypse trim this fall.  The quince though, is right in the middle of the only through-path around the deck.  If I don't come up with some ingenious plan by fall, it may become a casualty.

Stupid rain.

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