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Doors and taxes

The door didn’t make it up, but not for lack of trying on Bob’s part. If his wife hadn’t fallen asleep on the couch, I’m pretty sure that we’d have a new storm door installed right now. But I did, and he’s being meticulous, so the new door is not hung yet.

Yesterday I received my motor vehicle tax bills from the city we used to live in. I had been under the mistaken impression that when I took time off of work to go to town hall and settle up that we were done. No such luck. If I understand it correctly, I will have to pay motor vehicle taxes to Middletown this month and again next January, even though we haven’t lived there since last November. I’m having a little trouble understanding this, because it’s convoluted. If I’ve got this down correctly:
The tax year runs from October 1 to September 30;
The tax bills are due on July 1 and January 1 (because I’m on the supplemental list);
I paid Middletown last July, and in November I paid what was apparently the January bill (trying to do the right thing here);
I transferred the car registrations when we actually moved in November. This was my big error;
So as far as I can tell, I will be paying motor vehicle taxes to the City of Middletown this July and NEXT January. Or in other words, I will pay motor vehicle taxes to Middletown for the entire year of 2007, EVEN THOUGH THE CARS ARE REGISTERED IN BURLINGTON FOR ALL OF 2007;

I’ll get my first motor vehicle tax bill from Burlington in January of 2008, while we (and the cars) moved to Burlington in November of 2006.
It seems to me that if I’m paying taxes in Middletown, I ought to be allowed to vote in Middletown. After all, it’s my tax dollars at work, isn’t it?
Did I mention that the mill rate is higher in Middletown than it is in Burlington?
Does this make any sense to anyone? If it does, please keep it to yourself. So right now I have a call in to the Burlington assessor to see if we’re on the tax rolls, because the last thing I want is to end up on the hook to two towns for the same year. Then I’ll call Middletown to sort out the fact that we don’t own one of those cars any more. There is nothing that Connecticut screws up quite like taxes. The part that irritates me is that I went in to town hall to get this garbage sorted out – they could have told me this was how it was going to work. It’s obvious that I didn’t understand the mechanism, but they just took my money and sent me on my misinformed way. Hurrumph.

Tonight is a meeting night, so we won’t get the door finished. We can do that Wednesday morning when the light is better. Probably just as well, as we’ll do a better job. I’ll see my parents, pick up the tape of last weekend’s race (it’s always nice to be able to zip through to the spot where something interesting happened in turn three while you were looking at turn one), have a quick meeting and get home at a decent hour. Tomorrow is an outdoor day, weather permitting. We’ll hang the storm door, I’ll caulk the new light fixtures before I can forget again, and I’ll move some of the perennials that I inherited. There are also a few shrubs that are going to get an apocalypse haircut, and a couple that are going to be ripped out. WHY does anyone plant bayberry of their own free will? Oh, and if I’ve time and inclination, I’d really like to start moving the woodpile. I think I need to build a proper woodshed for next winter. That would be nice.


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