kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

I don't have a good title line - how about "thank you?"

Periodically I ramble on here about things I'm working on - usually for the SCA. This past week it was the boar's head and the ring sotelties for the Yule ceremonies. It's a lot of fun - I enjoy doing them, and I hope that other people enjoy the end result. Then the rest of the year there are calligraphy projects, and various other things. I talk about the research, finding materials, issues of my own skill and learning that cause problems or help with things, contributions from friends, etc.

What I don't tend to mention is that I couldn't do ANY of this if Bob wasn't picking up all the slack.

While I'm cooking pork filling for the boar's head, or mixing shortbread dough, or lettering, or painting, Bob is making dinner, taking care of the baby, washing the dishes, feeding the cats, emptying the litterbox, answering the phone... all the things that I'm not doing because I'm off doing cool thing for the organization.

Thanks hon - I couldn't do it without you.

And you thought I hadn't noticed...

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