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Smoke and Vaccines

Two things to knock off the list today - Charlotte got her first H1N1 vaccination, and our chimneys got swept.
Last week I called the Bristol-Burlington Health District and asked if they had any feeling for when they might receive vaccine for the six to twenty-four month crowd. The lady didn't know, but offered to take my name and number and "try" to let me know if anything changed. I was left with the feeling that my name was on a sticky note on the back corner of someone's desk, but it was nice of her to offer. Friday I got a call - there would be a one-day-only clinic for babies on Tuesday (today.) So this morning I located the District's offices, and Charlotte got her shot. I also have an appointment for the booster that she'll need - December 22. Yes, she's getting a shot for Christmas, but luckily she's too young to know that's kind of mean. That was a hallway full of happy, relieved parents. She screamed bloody murder about having her hands restrained, but once we let go she was all smiles again. She doesn't mind the shot as much as she minds being restrained.

This afternoon, the chimney sweep came back. I had the woodstove swept earlier this year, because I hate the smell of creosote on warm, damp days. This was the appointment for the boiler flue and the two fireplaces (just on general principles.) A few weeks ago we discovered that the lock-top damper on Ziggy didn't close any longer - as a matter of fact the cable snaked down into the fireplace. The sweep discovered that the heat-sensitive link (effectively a fuse) had melted and let go. A chimney fire would do that, except we haven't had one. The speculation is that our heat spectacular from back in April may have done it - the combination of a hot fire, all day, on a 90+ degree day was more than the link could take. But all is now well, and that flue didn't need sweeping. The living room fireplace did, and apparently the boiler flue was filthy. That's not a huge surprise - when the boiler belches smoke into the basement and you turn it off at the emergency switch, it's a fair assumption that what's been going up the chimney isn't much better.

Unfortunately, word is that the boiler flue continues to deteriorate. I just don't have the $2,500 or so that it's going to take to have it lined right now. For now, I'll just invest in a couple more carbon monoxide detectors so that I can have one on each floor.

As an up-side to having the sweep out, since he had to go up on the tall bit of roof anyhow, Bob followed him up the ladder and cleaned out the top gutter. The rest of the gutters we can reach with the shorter ladder.

So it's a day of accomplishments.
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