kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Well, crap

Note for the future:

Do not work on calligraphy projects while ill with the flu.  Also do not work on calligraphy projects while in the initial stages of recovery from the flu.

I lost two weeks on a project because I was too sick to... well, to sit up.  Or to be awake for that matter.  So the objects on the calendar now literally being closer than they appear, a couple of days ago I attempted to recover the schedule.

Ruined it.  Completely.  Unrecoverable.


So a new piece has been cut, lettered from scratch, and I'm sketching.  No way in hell it'll be done in time.  It'll just have to be finished after the fact.  It was such a GOOD time frame I had.  Just not good enough to have three weeks whacked out of it by some vile virus.
Tags: calligraphy, sca

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