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Remember I said that I emailed the corporate treasurer of the SCA about my perigrinating grant check?  Talk about instant gratification - I had a reply at 8:15 last night.  And she's in Tennessee, so you can't count time zone set back.

In short, they got the check out of the clear blue sky with no accompanying paperwork indicating WHY they were getting a check - as I suspected.  They will be mailing a check to us, we should have it in one to two weeks, and she apologized that we couldn't have had it sooner.  That's sweet, as there is certainly nothing that they could have done to speed this process.

She also commented that she is going to be working on a letter and a form for people who have company matching or grants, so that we have a mechanism to alert Milpitas that a check is coming/has been sent and where it needs to be directed - apparently they get a number of these, and I got the impression that people don't usually follow up about them.

That one email resolved a number of things - the barony's current cash flow concerns (I'd wanted to give another one to Fennbrycg to buy more kitchen stuff, but this will cover the losses from Acorns & Pearls and from the EKU - this year that is more important;) the location of the check; and how I'm going to deal with this next year.  Assuming the company is still in an economic position to offer these grants, I'll go to the website and look for a form for Milpitas.  Failing that, I'll alert the treasurer.

It is so nice to deal with people who are professional.  Ironic that the most professional person in this whole kerfluffle was the unpaid volunteer.


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