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News of the House

Ah, weekends. I’ve heard that there are many people out there who actually relax on weekends and do things that are "fun," but I’m sure it’s merely a rumor. I submit the fact that I don’t even manage to *write* about my weekend until, oh, Wednesday.

Friday we did actually do something fun – we went to see "Pirates of the Caribbean." It was *completely* incoherent. But it was fun. Good lines, pretty actors, good special effects... we’re not talking about "Schindler’s List" here people. We’re talking about the third movie based on an amusement park ride. I had one really, really bad failure of my suspension of disbelief, but generally it was lots of fun.

Saturday we decamped to buy a screen door. Come to find out that was a) more expensive than anticipated and b) more complicated than anticipated. I really should have expected that any door in our house would be... unusual. It wasn’t a "custom" size, thank God, but it IS unusual. If I’d been willing to take a door in white with brass hardware we could have left with one on the car roof, right there, right then. But I want it in almond with brushed nickel hardware – and for $232, I’m darn well going to get the one I want! So in seven to ten days from Saturday I should have a new screen door, and it should last for the next 30 years. Hopefully I measured correctly. Everyone cross their fingers for me. That excursion took a while, because it involved three home centers, so it ate more of the day than I had planned. With no new storm door, the exterior door wasn’t going to get painted because there was nothing to keep the assorted critters out or in, as desired. Then, when we got home we were experiencing "severe thunderstorms," which meant that installing the new front door light was also out. So Bob went to the garage to cut the doors for the laundry area, and I went to the basement to clean out room for the new work bench we bought at Costco.

As a sidebar, I think I need to stay out of Costco for a while. I’m saving so much money there that I’m going rapidly broke.

Time spent in a basement is rather like time spent in an oubliette. It passes, but oddly and uncomfortably, and you’re not really sure that anyone remembers that you’re down there. I managed to bang up the Ikea shelves for the overflow books, and I got approximately another ten or twelve boxes of books unpacked. Bob’s gaming manuals, the manuals for the Triumph, his engineering books, and my collection of Analog and Smithsonian. I’m not thrilled with having them in the basement, but there aren’t currently a lot of options. As the upstairs gets more settled, that may change. I’m also of two minds about keeping the Analogs. It pains me to think of getting rid of them, but I don’t read them anymore. If they go untouched for a year, I’ll find them a new home or toss them. If someone comes over and has raptures about them – they can have them. After hours of that sort of thing, we mutually called it quits. Sunday began with some housecleaning, and rolled into the assembly of the work bench we purchased at Costco last week. Did I mention that the box weighed 176 pounds? I literally could not hold up my end of the deal. So we took it down through the hatch by pieces, and put it together in place. The directions had you putting it together on its face and then flipping it over onto its feet. I don’t have the biceps for that. The hard part was carrying it down the stairs, but once in place the assembly was easy. Once that was all set, I was able to pile all the assorted tools and hardware and such either on or under it. That stuff is still unorganized, but at least it’s all in one place, which will be a huge help the next time I go looking for my box of molly bolts. Then back upstairs to assess the radar screen and install that front door light. I got that done just in time to get the place more picked up before my father-in-law came over for dinner. We all had a nice visit, and then I made a hash of attempting to install the wireless router. All exit stage left. Curtain.

Work has been an ongoing disaster – they installed a new voicemail system, and all of the prompts and keystroke sequences have changed. To add to the fun, the documentation that was provided was incorrect about several things, and we’re not able to transfer calls into voicemail. That’s as much as I really want to say about that – suffice it to say that I’m currently ignoring it and hoping that our IT department will get it sorted out before I have to care. The home projects are going decently. I finally installed the molding in the half bath, although one piece split a little despite having been pre-drilled. It’s not terrible, so I believe that I can acceptably repair it with caulk and paint. The mirror and the towel ring have been hung, and it looks nice. I also got down on my hands and knees with my big jug of ammonia and cleaned the drips of Zinsser off the floor. That was unpleasant. The next step will be to go after the latex paint drips with the can of Goof Off because I was a touch sloppy. That will also be unpleasant.

The wireless router has been a saga. I called Dad for help Monday night. What I anticipated as a 30 minute call was closer to two hours. But in the end, we got it to run. EXCEPT... when I got home Tuesday afternoon – it wouldn’t connect to the internet. So I called Dad again, and he was stumped too. Finally he went out and found me the help number for Linksys, and I called them. I talked to a nice man with an Indian accent who claimed his name was "Ronald." I’m thinking it was more like "Rajj." But he was very nice, and very good at what he does, and he got my system to work. I am now the proud owner of a key protected wireless network. I even managed to hook up our old desktop so that it could also partake of the DSL, AND I installed the newest version of Sea Monkey (our browser) successfully. Not too bad, given that I don’t really know what I’m doing. Tonight if I’m feeling really ambitious, I’ll update Sea Monkey on the laptops so that they’re all three on the same version. Then there needs to be some cable management – right now it looks like an explosion in a cable factory.

Things are about to grind to a halt as far as forward progress is concerned, so it’s good that I got a lot done. This weekend is my nephew’s high school graduation in Syracuse, and the following weekend is the race in New Hampshire. Both fun outings, but not suited to advancing the schedule. I need to find an activity for Saturday in New Hampshire – the race is Sunday and I like to find something local-touristy for Saturday. It always makes for a fun weekend. One year we toured a vineyard, once we went to a local Independence Day town fair, once an apple festival at a farm museum. Stuff like that. We may just stroll around Portsmouth – it’s a really lovely city. Regardless of what else we do, there will be bay scallops and lobster for lunch and dinner respectively, and I will do my best to become giddy with lobster like we did on Long Island. I should also dig out the race stuff, and minimally I need to find the hearing protection. Nascar’s new "car of tomorrow," in addition to it’s other flaws has the exhaust on the right side – pushing all that deafening sound up into the stands.

Today or tomorrow I need to organize some of the pictures of the house to take up to Syracuse with me, so I can show my amazingly successful brother the new place. I sent them a picture or two, but not many. If it’s sunny at all when I get home tomorrow I’ll take some outside pictures. But not of the back yard – we still haven’t bought a lawnmower!

Sometime soon there needs to be some Pennsic organization. I’ve got sewing to do, apples to dry, and packing to organize. I haven’t even thought about it. Good thing I have exhaustive lists.

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