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This Weekend

Seem to be a trend on my f-list, so I may as well chime in...

Friday was a familial visit by Bob's family.  Got out of work, and hence home, half an hour late, so the invasion had already arrived.  It was a very nice visit.  I do wish that my father-in-law would sit on the couch, rather than our old, low, broken down loveseat.  Hopefully in a few years we will have replaced it, and he won't have a choice but to sit on the good furniture.  Because of the way Friday went at work I never got to pump, and then with the uproar at home, I never got to nurse.

Let's just say that Saturday morning I was glad that the baby was hungry, and leave it at that.  :-)

Other than that,

*  Went to Macy's and found two dress options appropriate for Charlotte's formal one year old picture (for mom's collection in her hallway.)
*  Babies R Us for sippy cups and bowls that I can let her use herself.  Failed to find a striped onesie for her birthday.
*  Emptied, sorted, and restocked linen closet.
*  Learned a triple crochet stitch.  Made 9" squares in triple crochet, half double, double, and one "sampler" square.
*  Critiqued the bar Bob installed in the floor joists, and made the poor man move it.
*  De-haired the wool blanket Nishka had been nesting on, and hung in the sun to air
*  Slogged through a lot of email.  A lot.  A LOT.
*  Tidied up for an unexpected visit from former apprentice, her husband, and their 3-year-old (!)
*  Made it through visit.  Note to self - toddler proof house better.  Definitely nice to see them.
*  Critiqued the new location for Bob's joist hanger - installed all the tent poles into the rafters downstairs.  Now we just wait for any sudden loud noises...
*  Pulled out all of Charlotte's clothes to be bagged up and given to my co-worker.
*  Shared my dinner with Charlotte - she was a reasonable fan of the chicken and the broccoli both.  She's definitely into the idea of feeding herself.  This is going to get messy.

We didn't manage to start working on the pegboard in the basement, but I slept in pretty aggressively both days, and it really felt good.  I've been on such a drive - first to get ready for Pennsic, then to get cleaned up from Pennsic for the family visit - that I've just gotten run down.  So a weekend of doing whatever got done without worrying about it was nice.  I've decided that it's going to make more sense to lay out, cut, and pre-drill all the pieces in the garage where there is plenty of room, and then assemble the pieces in the basement.  That way the thing will have to be set in place behind the work bench, but we won't need to try to navigate it in through the Bilco door in one piece.  Equally, we'll only have to battle the close quarters for the assembly.  Maybe next weekend.

I'm an idiot - it would have been a perfect weekend to get the canvas rinsed off, dried, and stored.  Oh well.  No harm done.  It'll happen.

I also didn't get my closet cleaned out/purged.  But that'll get done too.  It's not going anywhere.

Next, I just need a list for what I'm bringing to BBM Birthday next weekend.  After that I need to pull things together for the workshops at the house the weekend after that.  Bob needs a project (maybe bottling, we're behind on that,) and I need to pull the space together for the painted floorcloths workshop thingy.  As long as we keep the place picked up, I won't need to clean for that.

I need to be really efficient at work for the next two days, because Wednesday is a vacation day to the Met and the Pierpont Morgan.  Don't want them finding anything alarming on my desk while I'm gone...

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