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My digital camera died.  I went to take a picture of Charlotte, and... nothing.  Blackish purple screen.


Mind you, I've used that camera hard since 2003, so I definitely got my brother's money's worth.  But still - aaarrrggghhh!!!!!!!  I really shouldn't be spending money on such things right now, but you can't get back pictures that you didn't take, and she's changing so fast.  I've got the really good 35mm, but it's not as convenient for snapping a quick picture, and it doesn't have that same instant gratification of email the picture to grandma.

So I've been browsing specs online and cruising the stores on my lunch hour, and I've discovered that in order to get all the features that I like on my little cheapo five megapixel camera in one package - I have to spend about $600.  Friends, that ain't happening.  So I need to decide what's most important to me.  The things I like, in no particular order:

Pixels - I currently have five.  Everything is a step up.  Non-issue.

Optical Zoom - I've got 3x, and the only thing I haven't liked about this camera is that I've been wanting more zoom.  That would be really nice.

Power supply - I will not consider anything that doesn't take AA batteries.  Non-negotiable.

Viewfinder - Until this afternoon, I didn't know this was optional.  Yes - I want one, damn it.  But if it had everything else...

Stitch assist - I really, really enjoyed this on the A75.  I didn't use it often, but it's way cool.  I took some really, really cool panoramas in Utah with it.  I'd love to have it again, but it only seems to be on the lith/ion battery cameras, or the scary expensive ones.  Well crap...

Ug.  Decisions, decisions.  I wonder if it's fixable, although in our disposable society no one seems to repair anything any more...

EDIT: Dad is loaning me his - it's the same camera but a couple of generations newer.  I can shop at my leisure.

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