kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Well, crap

Been out of touch because I've been running crazed last week.

First we weren't going to Pennsic because Bob was unemployed.

Then maybe we could go to Pennsic, because Bob had a contract - he just needed to check if he could have the time.

Then we were going to Pennsic - WOOHOO!  Wait - I have to compress my usual two months of prep and packing into sixteen DAYS!  Holy expletives deleted Batman!  Sew!  Sew like the wind!

Now - we're not sure if we're going to Pennsic.  Saturday the agency called and told Bob that the contract was canceled.

So.  Back at it.  Think good employment thoughts for us.  And as always, if anyone has any suggestions/contacts please let us know.

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