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Kitchen Pictures - My Exciting Life

The whole picture uploading thing worked like a house on fire, and I am pleased. Therefore I bring you... home redecorating pictures! This is as exciting as my life gets at the moment.

The kitchen is rolling steadily along. We’re really losing steam, so it’s a good thing that there’s not much left of this portion of the project. The main run of cabinets is finished – new doors and drawer fronts constructed, everything painted, new hardware applied, and all the new pieces hung. I even got my knife drawer hung for the first time since we moved in, so the little piece of counter by the back door is usable. We also got the top cabinet doors in the alcove hung so that I could get the microwave and toaster oven off of the floor and back up on the counter where I can use them. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s been consuming every waking moment.

So here is "before." Dark, "rustic," not really to my taste. If the cabinets were well made it wouldn’t have been a problem. But they’re not, and it was.  Pardon the paint buckets - it only occurred to me at the last minute that I hadn't taken "before" shots.

This is "after." Bob did an amazing job building those doors. They’re still amateur construction – I know how I’d want to build "real" ones, but I’m very, very pleased. "Real" doors would require the purchase of a quality router and router table, which requires a serious investment of money that I’m not ready for. This has been a lot of work, but it has definitely been worth it. I now have a kitchen I can live in for however many years it takes before we can renovate for real.

We’ve still got that last 5% to go. There are two doors over the fridge and two doors in the alcove to hang, and two drawer fronts to attach in the alcove. This is why there are no pictures of the alcove. I’m also finally going to get down and clean the assorted paint drips off of the floor. Yea. Joy. Fun. But like all the painting, it will be worth the aggravation.

The next step is to deal with the woodwork. The window molding now sticks out like a sore thumb. Given how well we’re doing, we’re going to try to *make* new woodwork. We picked up an ogee bit for our cheap router, and we’re going to replace the woodwork around the window and install a new windowsill. I’ll paint it out to match the cabinets. The window itself I’m going to leave alone. Then we’ll just work our way counter-clockwise around the room, replacing chunks of woodwork as we go. There’s no rush on this. I’d like to get the windows done, but the rest can be done here and there. It means more quality time with my pry bar, which makes me happy and my husband nervous.

Last night I crawled under the pedestal sink in the downstairs bath and looked at how it was plumbed, for no reason I can ascertain. How do I end up doing these things? "It’s 10:00 p.m. I think I’ll crawl under the sink." Normal people don’t do stuff like that. I believe that replacing that sink has suddenly moved higher on the "to do" list than I had originally planned. I think I shall start referring to it as "Frankensink," because I’m sure that nothing was ever *supposed* to be plumbed like that. I guess that last wallpaper in the spare bedroom is going to have to wait. Good thing I have a new pedestal sink in a box in my garage.

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