kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Advance Belated Planning

I’ve decided that Columbus Day weekend (all the way in October – hence the "advance") I am going to throw myself a 40th birthday party (hence the "belated.") I’ve never had a birthday party with people invited over and all that jazz, and it sounds like fun. Throwing it for myself may be in slightly bad taste, but that’s perfectly in character.

I’m thinking of the standard "show up after thus and such a time, I’ll provide basic food, bring a dish to share" thing. Not sure if it’ll be Saturday or Sunday – it’ll depend on what shows up on the event calendar. I’ve got some time to scope that out.

October is an iffy weather month, but there’s a good chance that the weather will be nice enough to be out on the back deck. If it’s Saturday and it cools down in the evening, we could put fires in the fireplaces. Also, NOT being February, people won’t have to deal with the death trap that is my driveway in the wintertime. This is a plus (on a related note, I’m trying to figure out if there is some realistic way to rig a handrail so that someone parking on the street can climb to the house. Because I don’t have enough projects.)

I figure that if I post this out here, I’ll have to actually either follow through or have a damn good reason why not. Yes, I do respond well to public embarrassment. Why do you ask?

EDIT:  Aw crap.  I knew that weekend sounded familiar.  Okay - one more time, this time like I really mean it.  SOMETIME IN OCTOBER (or possibly September) I'll be doing this.  I'll circle back around after some quality time with a calendar that's completely filled in...

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