kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Things That Have Left My House


(1) Rolling craft cart. Took it to Baronial Meeting, yelled "free to a good home" and got out of the way.

(1) ‘70s era plush chaise to the Salvation Army. Sad to see it go, but we would have needed a lot more mortgage to have it stay.

(1) Un-restored treadle sewing machine. It was a great concept, but again – needed more mortgage. A nice lady from Bergental drove down and took it home. I’m pleased that someone will enjoy it.

(2) Bags of maternity clothes to the Salvation Army. It was sheer laziness that I hadn’t gotten rid of them yet.

(3) Bags of outgrown baby clothes – two to the Salvation Army (ours is still accepting baby items despite HR4040,) and one to my co-worker.

This is all very exciting – even the things that I’m sad to see go. It’s another step towards life as a grown up (in the areas where I want to be one.) I have a tendency towards hoarding, so every bag out of the house is a small victory. Also, with the cart, the chaise, and the sewing machine gone I’m really beginning to see floor space in the basement. That floor space is hopefully destined to be shop space – wood working, and possibly stained glass. So there is a reward for good behavior at the end.

Things that still need to go:

* Existing light fixtures that we removed the first year in the house – a sconce and a chandelier. They need to be cleaned up first.

* Possibly a light fixture of Bob’s – we’ll have to talk about if we’re donating it or storing it.  I'm cool either way.

* A huge tub of fabric. Huge. H. U. G. E. I may start bringing lengths to meetings and trying to give it away. Otherwise I need to find a school whose home ec program will take fabric donations. That sounds like more legwork than I’m usually willing to put in, though.

* One of those buy-flat-in-a-box garage style metal shelving units. I need to either give it away or take it out to Pennsic to leave in the storage unit for future reference (you know, that’s not such a bad idea...)

* A mahogany dresser. Very nice, I got a lot of use out of it, but I no longer have the need/space for it. I’d really rather not give this one to the Salvation Army. It’s a nice piece of furniture, and I’d prefer to get a couple of bucks for it. It’s a dilemma, it is.

* Two tubs of stuffed animals. I need to go through and decide which I’m keeping for Charlotte and which can be let go. Difficult.

Additionally, speakers need to be moved upstairs and to the crawl space, and the coolers need to move to their new home in the front of the crawl space. I need to decide what to do with Grandpa Longton’s coffee table, and we need to label a LOT of bottles and get them shelved. I found a place to store the overhead projector, so that’s off the floor. If I can keep going at this rate, we’ll be ready to ask dad to put some outlets in for us by the end of the year. That would be very cool. I’m also formulating a plan of attack for the garage...

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