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Progress Resumes

The bathroom is primed!

Well, mostly.

The ceiling and walls are done, and it makes a huge difference. I expected a large amount of lightening once the walls and ceiling were actually white instead of being (respectively) behind-the-wallpaper-primer/nasty tan paint "technique." But I didn’t expect that much. I was standing in there thinking "maybe we don’t really need the new light fixture." But it’ll really look nice with a light over the mirror, so I’m going to carry on with that plan. There’s just no need to rush.

Things I have learned from priming the bathroom: ("Things I Have Learned" may become a regular feature)

*Painting a small room is a real pain. I expected that, but now I *know.*

*It’s actually easier to cut in neatly against a brick wall than it is against another wallboard wall. All of your assorted smudges kind of blend in to the mottling.

*Always have the store shake the can of primer you’re buying off the shelf. It’s a real downer to end up with a can where the solvent and the pigment have declared irreconcilable differences, hired lawyers, and separated for all time. I knew that too, but neglected it this time. Oops.

*When you forget to have the store shake the can and try to reconcile the different parts yourself, you just create an unusable mess that requires the purchase of a new can of paint.

*Zinsser B-I-N primer REEKS. I’m sure that it’s great stuff, and I’m using it because I have knot holes in the cabinets that I don’t want to bleed through the paint. But it’s awful! It’s obviously a different solvent than regular paint – it reminds me of epoxy. In this case when they talk about a "well ventilated area," they really mean it! On the whole, I actually like the smell of paint. But by the time I was done doing a test coat of this stuff on the top cabinet, my eyes were watering, my nose was running, and I was coughing. This was with the exhaust fan running. I decided not to work on the sink vanity. Wow. I’ll finish that up some evening when it’s cool enough to have the back door open and a fan set up.

I don’t know how quickly the remainder of the work will get done. I picked up a new can of Zinsser during my lunch break, and had them shake it. I also picked up a gallon each of the two colors I want in there: "Moon Mist" and "Vermont Cream," also known as "yellow" and "white." I don’t know if I’ll want to paint any more by the time I get home tonight, and tomorrow I need to be pulling together all the stuff for the trip to Philly this weekend. Pack, organize directions to the hotel, the Franklin Institute, the Museum of Art, and figure out which parts of New Jersey are on fire – stuff like that. 

vynehornis in charge of the directions to Marrakesh for dinner on Friday, so I don’t need to do that. But maybe I can finish up the priming before we go. If so, I’ll be in a good position to paint on Sunday. But I’m not making any promises. I’ve learned.


Somewhere in here I have to make at least enough of a plan for the gardens that I can start moving the stuff out of the area that will be lawn next year. Plants don’t care that I’ve got painting projects – they just keep growing.

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