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After running several errands this afternoon, I stopped at Home Depot to check for two items and pick up some bird seed.  Yes, I know the prices are better at Agway, but I had Charlotte with me and didn’t want to make a side trip.

After striking out on the first two items, an associate asked if she could help me, and I asked where the bird seed was.  “Outside garden” she said.  Well, rot.  I really didn’t want to take the baby outside, but it’s not like I was going to browse.  I just needed to grab a bag of bird seed.  So off I went.

It was pretty obvious where the seed was – it looked like a Hitchcock movie in that corner.  Obviously the pigeons had LONG since found where the bags of bird seed were being stored.  They’d broken into every one of the 50 lb bags on the top of the pallet that was sitting in the open.  As I walked over, *some* of them moved off.  Luckily, I didn’t want a 50 lb bag.  I can’t store it in the garage because the garage isn’t yet vermin-tight, and I won’t keep it in the basement because of the memory of the Great Grain Moth Infestation of 2001 (or whenever it was.)  I just wanted a small bag or two.  I found the smaller bags on the steel shelves they have against the building.  I found the cardinal mix.  I reached further in to grab a bag that didn’t have a hole in it, and pulled my hand out fast.  An enterprising pigeon had gotten onto the shelf *behind* the stock, and I presume was enjoying a solitary feast at his leisure.  There was an explosion of flapping, and the bird in question eventually came flying out from behind and underneath the shelf.

I was expecting Tippi Hedren to come around the corner at any moment.

I can’t imagine how much seed the store is writing off as loss.  I understand that they have to rotate stock and right now they’re phasing in gardening/seed type things, but does anyone actually *think* about this stuff?

I’ll be getting the next batch at Agway.  It’ll be less exciting.


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Jan. 22nd, 2009 04:20 pm (UTC)
I bet it was simply moved outside by the guy who used to have to clean up the bird droppings inside!

Too bad they're too small for quills...
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