kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Baby's First Cold

Poor thing.  She's snotty and cranky and doesn't understand.  I feel bad for her.

Her father has the same cold, but I don't feel bad for him.  1) He brought it home and gave it to her.  2) He's old enough to medicate the symptoms if he wants to.

I'm hoping that she hasn't inherited my prediliction for catastrophic ear infections.  Soon enough we'll know.  In the meantime I've unearthed the small humidifier from our bedroom and declared it gross.  Tonight I'll take it apart, clean it, install a new filter, and set it up in her room.  Maybe that'll help.  I hope so, since this will just be the first of many assorted viruses.

She also now has a savings account, and thanks to Grandma, is currently more liquid than *I* am.  That's disturbing, but not difficult.  But I figure it's never too soon for her to start earning interest.  Next I need to look into a 529 education account.  I think it's time to go chat with a financial advisor - I've got questions about those that aren't covered in the FAQs.

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