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It's official - it's all about the house

I’m a slacker with the update – I know.

Remember I used the word "delusional" about my plans for last weekend? That was right on target. Isn’t it nice when your predictions are accurate? I don’t recall what I did Friday. I know that I didn’t do what was on my list, but that’s the extent of my recollection. Saturday got off to a slow start. It was one of those cases where the theory of getting the ceiling finished sounds great, but when the time comes to actually get out the painting tools, the enthusiasm to DO it pales. I’m notorious for victories of the mind that don’t actually get implemented. But after much mental whining and foot dragging, I pulled everything out and got to work. The platform from Dad didn’t work with my ladder, but it fit on my milk crates like it was made for them. I can report that the dining room is done – I got everything cut in, and gave those two bays each a second and a third coat. They look pretty good. Unfortunately I did get a largish amount of paint on the ceiling "beams." At some point in this process I decided that as "shaggy" as they are, they’ll never be clean. So sometime in the future I’m going to sand them down with some fairly aggressive sandpaper. If I can get below the stain and make them "wood colored" again that would be great. If they either stay dark, or end up too patchy, maybe I’ll paint them. Or maybe I’ll remake them. Who knows? The possibilities are endless, and the mortgage is long. Sounds like a bad fortune cookie proverb.

The kitchen ceiling did not go as well. To start with, it was dealing with areas over cabinets, weird angles, appliances, and all that sort of stuff. But I was chugging along until my husband came home from inventory. It was about 5:00 at that point, and I’d losing the natural light so I had the kitchen light on. While he was in the shower, I asked if he knew whether or not the kitchen fixture could have the plate pulled away from the ceiling and still dangle, or would it have to be taken down. In my mind I was thinking that if it had to come down, I’d finish up all the rest and then we’d take it down on Sunday. I should have vocalized that. But I didn’t ask him to take it down – I asked him to tell me which it was. So without asking, he took it down, ending my productive evening. There were words. I won’t repeat them. I was angry, he was angry, nothing nice was said. So I decided that I would go downstairs and start putting up the shelving down there. He only bought half as many posts as I asked for. That made me angrier. Then I decided that I would have to patch the bathroom wall. The spackle hadn’t been closed tightly, and had dried up. And THAT was when I decided that I was done for the evening.

Sunday we decided to try to be over it, or at least I did and he acted as though he was. He went down to the street and raked our leaves up over the curb while I got up on the platform to finish the painting. Guess what? I ran out of paint, with something like two or three square feet to go. That’s insult to injury. We ran to Home Depot for more paint, forgot to buy new spackle, and I finished up. Then I started fretting about whether or not the kitchen needs a third coat. To make a long story short – it does. Because I couldn’t keep a wet edge, you can see where I stopped Saturday and finished Sunday. But I have a plan. It’s a good plan. I still have that patch to fix, and that will need to be painted. When I do that, I’ll give the entire kitchen a third coat and it should all blend in. That’s my theory. After that we did some shopping at assorted hardware stores and we had a long conversation about how to handle the kitchen cabinets. Another excitement filled weekend with Kris and Bob.

So far this week I have accomplished *nothing*. Nada. Zip. Zilch. The closest I’ve come to getting anything done is that last night I applied for a Return Materials Authorization for the defective laptop battery. I think I’ve either got a touch of a cold, or a touch of allergies – just enough to stuff up my head and exhaust me. I’ve been coming home from work, eating dinner, and going to bed. Hopefully this is a temporary situation.

Tonight I have an appointment with the vet. I’d like to say that I’m going to patch the bathroom wall after that, but I’ve been saying that for four or five days now. I’m not making any promises any more. I’ve had my fling with delusion. It’s all about the grimy reality of old primer and my decision not to deal with it today.

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