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Product In, Product Out: Part 2

Apropos of nothing at all, I decided that I want butternut squash with dinner tomorrow.  So there’s a big pot of squash rendering down on the stove right now.  As always, whenever I cook squash I remember the time that my hand mixer became possessed by Satan.  But that’s a story for another time.

The kid is in the swing, being reluctantly put to sleep, the squash is cooking, “No Reservations” about Jamaica just ended, and the first hour of “Law and Order” is beginning.  Time to try to type an entry.

Today, our topic is diapers.  Perhaps it’s unfortunate to juxtapose butternut squash with diapers, but I suppose it’s going to happen sooner or later.  No sense in denying it.  But that also will be a story for another day in the future.


Diapers haven’t been so awful, actually.  Diapers currently annoy me less than nursing does, so I’m going to have less to say.  So far the cloth diapers have been a rousing success: let’s hear it for the diaper service.  We’ve got a diaper pail, and they just go in there – they don’t even ask us to rinse them.  This is one of the areas where nursing has been exactly as advertised, as the diapers just aren’t that icky, and just don’t smell very bad.  I have to figure that if formula smells that bad going IN, why should I expect it to improve coming OUT?

On the other hand, it means that the introduction of solids is going to be an even bigger shock to my system.

At any rate, drop soiled diapers in the pail, and once a week leave the bag by the door.  They drop off as many clean diapers as we’ve used so that we have eighty in the house at any given time.  It’s pennies per diaper, and the diaper service we’ve hired uses a laundry that processes medical linens.  That means they’re washed to a sterile requirement.  Even better, there are no diaper pins any more.  The diaper covers go on with Velcro and hold everything in place.  I forgot how to fold them in between when they showed us and when she was actually born, but I found a bunch of directions online and have just been making it up as we go.  So far, so good.

The down side to nursing is that all of the output is… liquid, shall we say.  This means that there is a tendency for it to escape.  Usually up her back.  But that’s only happened once or twice.  My biggest complaint is that she seems to save the special ones for me.  When her father changes her, they’re just wet.  When I change her, everything needs to be washed.  The diaper, the diaper cover, her…

I’ve been very pleased with the cloth diapers.  I like the idea that I’m not putting hundreds of disposables into the landfill.  Unfortunately, day care can’t support them.  I see their point – they don’t have the space for diaper pails or the staff to make sure that everyone gets their own dirty diapers back.  Which leaves me contemplating a dilemma.  I currently have two diaper covers that fit her, and I alternate them.  Unfortunately, when she slimes one I need to wash it out and hang it to dry.  If she slimes two in a row I have to put one of the smaller ones on her while the two good ones dry, and they don’t fit very well any longer.  I would order a couple more on line (I wiped out the only store in the area that carries them) except that I’m not sure if it’s worth keeping the service once she goes to daycare and most of her day will be in disposables.  I’d hate to spend $50 on things that I only use a few times.  There’s enough of that going on with her clothes.  I guess I’ll give it a couple of weeks and see what happens.

Speaking of such things, I suppose that I ought to change her.  That whole every two hours thing…


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