kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

The house has re-eaten my life.

To elaborate on the prior electronic tantrum:

Last night after my optometrist’s appointment, I reentered the wonderful world of wall treatments. I started by slapping a coat of "Gobi Desert" semi-gloss latex on the end of one cabinet. Last night in the artificial light it looked pretty good. This weekend we’ll get a chance to see what it looks like in natural light. But preliminarily, I think we have a winner. If so, I can start plugging away at that as soon as the caulk has cured. That would be the paintable caulk that I need to use on all of the gaps where the planks don’t meet in my "rustic" "custom" cabinets. Except where the gaps are SO big that I need to work in rope caulk usually used for weather stripping that will then be covered with paintable caulk. I really need to start playing the lottery. But I digress. My dad recommended that I give the caulk "weeks" to cure, so I need to get right on that part of the project. I do think that I’ve got a good color, though. With paint and new hardware, it should look very different. I’m reminded of the subtitle on the "House in Progress" blog that I’m following: "We call it home improvement because it couldn’t get any worse." I don’t think that I can actually make it worse.

Once the color test was up, I pulled out the bottle of Dif and my trusty garden sprayer. Despite all the wallpaper that I have removed, I still find it unnatural to be spraying that quantity of water onto my interior walls with a garden sprayer. It’s just weird. Stripping off the glue was disgusting. When I stripped the bedroom, the wallpaper came down easily with Dif, and the glue cleaned up easily and unremarkably. When I stripped the hallway, it was like pulling teeth, and the glue removal was horrific. I would run the putty knife along the wall and get something that looked like a beige tootsie roll on the blade edge – there was that much glue. The wallpaper in the half bath came down just by pulling on it with no treatment required beyond a good steady pull. But when I wet down the glue and did a sweep with the putty knife, I swear it looked like someone had bronchitis. It was completely disgusting. I had to keep telling myself that it was glue, not phlegm. Yech! Icky, icky, icky... But it had to be done, so I did two sweeps with the Dif and the putty knife, and then washed the walls down with hot water and paper towels. That’s done. But after that...

There was more of that same red floral wallpaper in the alcove behind the washer and dryer. Right by the door where it’s the first thing you see when you come in the house. Bob was on the phone entertaining our friend Lisa and not me. So I decided to ask permission to pick at the wallpaper. Which I got. I honestly only meant to pull off the stuff I could see that was in arm’s reach. So naturally I ended up pulling out the dryer so that I could get to the stuff behind the appliances (comment to Bob when he came to investigate the scraping noises: "Nothing to see. Move along. Move along."), and, well, all that wallpaper is down too. The visual difference is amazing, given how little of it was actually visible. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to finish those walls any time soon. In order to actually work on them, the dryer is going to have to be completely disconnected and moved so that the washer can be pulled into the middle and worked around. AND we’re probably not going to be able to use that door while this is occurring. I’ve been saying that was a project for Memorial Day weekend, and I still think that’s correct. Apparently I just can’t be left unattended.

Now I’m thinking about the wallpaper in the spare room. It’s The Last Wallpaper in the House. I’m just a wallpaper-stripping fool.

So the plan for this weekend is very ambitious. I can’t prime the bathroom tonight, because I had forgotten a step – patching, which needs to dry at least overnight. So tonight I will patch the wall that isn’t going to have big holes cut in it. Then I will take down all the pictures I just hung in the dining room, remove all the "stuff" and shuffle/cover furniture. Once that’s been done, I’ll head to the basement and pull out all the painting stuff that I recently put away <sigh>. I should probably also reconfigure the ladder in scaffolding format tonight while Bob is home to help me with it. Tomorrow morning, bright and early – it’s me and the ceiling paint. What fun. I keep telling myself that I need to get it done so that it will be, well, done. But I can’t work up any enthusiasm for it. The main goal for tomorrow (and for the weekend, for that matter) is that ceiling. We’re talking about twenty six feet of ceiling, so it’s not insignificant. IF the ceiling is all nice and done, I’ll prime the bathroom wall and cabinets. And if by some weird twist of fate, THAT gets done, I’ll start caulking the kitchen cabinets. I do realize that I’m being a trifle delusional but that’s what gets me through the day.

Sunday is currently either going to be another large project day, or it’s going to be a complete loss. Assuming that we’re both still moving, we’re going to rip open that bathroom wall and install a junction box for a new light fixture. Bob has said that he’s game to do it on Sunday, so I’m going to take him up on it. The wiring doesn’t worry me. Ripping the wall off (and putting it back on!) worries me. But if it goes well, I’ll be able to completely finish that bathroom over the next week or so. That would make it the first finished room. That would be nice.

My mother just asked me when I’m going to be able to sit on my rear end and relax a bit. I’ll get back to all of you on that. Soon. Really.

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