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Assorted updates

Hopefully, once I’m back at work and I get into a routine/reclaim my life, I’ll have interesting things to talk about again.  But for right now, it’s pretty much all about the baby.  It’s kind of like indentured servitude, only without the room and board.



This morning was a pediatrician appointment, and we met the other doctor in the practice.  I like him a little better.  Mind you, I don’t dislike the other one, this is just a better personality fit.  I’m pleased that it looks like I can work nicely with either of them.  Today’s appointment was kind of amusing, as today was the first big batch of vaccinations, and he was obviously braced for an argument.  We pointed out that we believe in vaccinations.  He looked relieved, and commented that they’re good things.  My response was that “herd immunity works” (many thanks to[info]zfarcher for providing me with the vocabulary to express the concept.)  That was a very, very startled man.  I believe the comment was “would you please talk to the rest of my patients?”  It was kind of funny to see him all geared up for an argument that he didn’t have to have.  So then he moved on to vaccinations that parents ought to have, and was even more startled to hear that I’ve already had my flu shot and I had TDAP over a year ago.  Bob needs both of those, but he’s working on it.


I know that a lot of people have strong feelings about vaccinations – after all, I do.  These aren’t “harmless childhood illnesses” that we’re talking about.  These are diseases that kill.  Bob is old enough to have known someone who had polio.  My grandfather was a milkman, and my mother remembers him dropping off deliveries at houses that were under quarantine.  She had rubella, and to this day we don’t know if the heart valve she had to have replaced was a genetic condition or if it was damage from the german measles.  I have to deal with that any time I have to give my medical history – mom had aortic valve stenosis… but she had rubella as a child.  A risk factor for me?  We don’t know.

Luckily they warned me that it could all make her lethargic and sleepy – she is out COLD.  Didn’t wake up when I took her out of the infant seat.  I’ve got her tucked in sleeping it off, and even managed to make myself a bowl of oatmeal.

Yesterday was only moderately productive.  I don’t get much done while my parents are here.  I did manage to run out for two errands.  I bought the new Enya CD, which is absolutely lovely.  I’ll be playing it for a while.  On a more mundane note, I also managed to pick up my 2009 planning calendar.  I’m fussy about my calendars, so that was a big deal.  While I was out, dad installed our new thermostat for me.  This would be the programmable one that I bought last year that we haven’t been getting to.  Turns out that I’m glad I asked dad to do it.  Apparently there was some ambiguity about how it should wire in – the directions assumed that you’re replacing a more modern unit than we had.  But it’s on the wall with the day and time set, and the furnace responds to it.  I haven’t programmed it yet, but it’s not as big a deal while I’m home all day.  Once I go back to work we can set it to drop the temperature while the house is empty.  The old round thermostat is sitting on the kitchen counter.  It can stay there until we figure out what’s going on upstairs – if that one is broken, we’ll swap them out.  One or the other of them will be going in the hazmat box.  Dad showed me how to diagnose if the trouble is the thermostat or the circulating pump, so we can get that straightened out.

On the same theory, we have appointments to have the boiler tuned up and the chimneys swept.  Yes, we’re running months behind, but we’re getting there.

Now while she snoozes, I’m swapping out batteries in the remote thermometers and the smoke detectors.  Exciting, eh?  I really wasn’t wired to be a housewife.

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