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Any of the assorted lurkers out there have any suggestions for an infant who *will not* suckle?  She'll latch, and then immediately falls asleep.  I mean limp as a rag doll, wondering if she's still alive asleep.  Cannot be woken up asleep.  Apparently I'm the world's most effective sleep aid.  We had to go to formula because the weight loss became unacceptable to both the hospital and the pediatrician - by yesterday she was down to 6lbs, 7oz.

I can't even tell you what color her eyes are - I've only seen them two or three times for a couple of seconds since last Friday.

The various professionals have all been contradicting each other - the only thing they agree on is that I'm doing it wrong.  Mind you, I'm doing whatever the last one told me to do...  The first nurse said we were doing everything right, and it would just go slowly for a few days.  The second told me that I wasn't working at it because my daughter was "starving to death."  The third said that as long as she suckled a little that would be fine until my milk comes in.  The fourth said that she wasn't getting enough.  The lactation consultant was so touchy feeley that I don't even want to be in the same room with her.  All she wants to talk about is how important it all is, and how everything will be fine as long as I just keep at it, and lots of talk about the anatomy of it.  No actual practical help.  The various pediatricians say that her weight loss was unacceptable.  Everyone except the consultant says to use formula for now and that it'll "all go better once your milk comes in," but everything you read says that if you don't nurse your milk won't come in.

I'm just about to throw in the towel.  This can't possibly be worth it.
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