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Back from the Oubliette

So.  I’ve more or less dropped off the planet for about a month.  I blame the doctor’s appointments.  Every week I have one mid-day appointment with the OB and two mid-day appointments for non-stress tests.  Every other week I leave work an hour early in order to get to my chiropractor/massage therapy appointment.  The end result of this is that every week I have to make up between five and eight hours at work.  That means working through almost all lunches, late many evenings, and in early in the mornings if I can manage to haul my unwieldy carcass out of bed.  I’ve been becoming increasingly panicked about the work on my desk, so a couple of weeks I’ve even ended up with overtime on top of all of that.  Then of course, after working late I try to get in the same amount of effort on the home front as usual.  Bottom line: no LiveJournal for me lately.

But now the desk is almost under control, and I’ve been put on couch arrest by my OB (more on that later.)  This might mean that communication may re-emerge.  In that spirit, I bring you What I Did on My Summer Vacation.  Remember that we went to Pennsic for three days?  I almost do.


It was actually a very good choice on our part.  We had a great time, and going to a hotel was absolutely the right choice.  I can recommend the Best Western in Grove City, by the way.  I didn’t get in the pool, but breakfast was good, the room was nice, it really was only about 15 minutes from site, and the staff were lovely.  We both took a half day on Wednesday and headed out.  As per tradition, we got on the road later than anticipated.  The drive was actually easier for me than I had expected.  We hit a lot more of the rest areas than usual, but mostly out of an excess of caution.  First thing we did was stop at the hotel and check in – as I recall just short of midnight.  The desk clerk was very happy to see us, as we were the last people he was waiting for.  Dropped off some stuff, and headed for site to troll in.  We rolled through a while after some fairly heavy rain, so troll was squishy and deserted.  Headed back to the hotel, organized ourselves, and passed out.

Thursday was shopping and classes.  I took a class on “the perfect medieval purse” that was well worth adding the extra half vacation day in order to be coherent for it.  Really cool.  As anticipated, I didn’t get in to the basket making class that was next door.  It was already filled by the time we were done.  I suspect it was filled an hour before it started.  Oh well.  After that, we roamed.  I took a few classes, saw some people, did some shopping.  Commuting back and forth worked very well, and the weather was glorious.  Bob pretty much stuck to my side the whole time – I hope he had a good time.  It was odd being at Pennsic and having that little energy.  Very frustrating.

On Friday, we cruised past EK Royal to see the new “gates” and as we were discussing their aesthetics, one of the folks from our usual camp popped out – turns out our camp was in royal this year.  Or to put it another way, it was a good year to not be camping.  It was just dusk, so we headed in for a nice visit.  They would have fed us, but we’d just had dinner with

vynehorn , so we hung out and provided dinner companionship.  We *did* get roped in for a dinner invitation the following evening.  It’s nice to be wanted, ya know?


Saturday I was torn as we were wandering around.  People were starting to arrive thickly at troll, Wolgamut was playing in the marketplace, camps were going up… it was just too early.  I wanted more.  But in the next breath, there was at least one interlude in the afternoon that I was hot, uncomfortable, exhausted, and just wanted to go home.  So I guess that was just about right – always leave them wanting more.  Saturday we also went out to take a few pictures.  I didn’t get many, and they’re mostly from the very central area because I wasn’t very mobile.  I missed our camp walk, but I just wasn’t up to it this year.  So here we are:





merimask , it's your spot.  Scary, isn't it?  Here's a couple more shots of the bazaar.


The drive home was uneventful on Sunday, and Monday we were back at work.


Next year will be an adventure of an entirely different type.


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