kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

9 Minutes from Leaving

But who's counting?

I've reached the point where I'm all unhappy about going to Pennsic for only three plus days, but at least I'm going.  The weather will probably make me glad in the end.  Half a loaf, and all that.

At noon I blow this pop stand,  go see the massage therapist (we decided that skipping an appointment at this point would be... imprudent,) then head home, throw the last few things in the car, and head for Pennsic.

vynehorn has been calling me with road reports as she travels this morning.  I have to say that's a pretty cool service - I'll have to do something really nice for her.

My one hope?  That the power doesn't flicker between now and Saturday morning.  The VCR is programmed for Doctor Who, and I'm not positive that the hotel has Sci Fi.  That would be tragic.

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