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What IS all this stuff?

This is going to be a fairly long, drawn-out post that most folks won’t be interested in. However anyone who feels like chiming in is more than welcome! Or to put it more bluntly...

For the love of God... Help!!!

This is the new parent’s checklist that they give you at Babies R Us when you register. It’s great, assuming that you know what they’re talking about. If you’ve never done this before it leaves you wondering what the heck this stuff is, what it’s for, how you use it, and if you really need it or not. Like I said yesterday, I figure there are three general categories: 1) stuff you need; 2) stuff that’s nice to have, but you don’t need it; 3) stuff that’s just stuff. I’m putting in the list, with my comments/questions in italics. I thought about removing the items that are already taken care of, but then decided that someone might think it was actually missing.

"Eh?" is my shorthand for "what the heck is this?"

Car Seats

Infant Car Seat (We’re working on picking one out.)
Car Seat Base for 2nd Car
Convertible Car Seat (We have one in mind, but we’re waiting for the demo on Sunday.)
Booster Car Seat (I’ve got four years – I’ll deal with it then and get something that conforms to whatever the safety standards are in 2012.)
Strap Covers
Neck Wings (Eh?)
Head Support (Eh?)
Full Body Support (Eh?)
Baby Sunshade
Car Seat Undermat
Car Seat Toys
Infant Car Seat Carrier Cover
Shopping Cart Cover (We have one coming second hand.)


Travel System (Lord no. We drive compact cars.)
Full-Size Stroller
Lightweight Stroller
Umbrella Stroller
Mid-Size Stroller (We’ve been given one second hand.)
Jogger Stroller
Double & Triple Stroller (Nonononononononononono)
Convenience Stroller
Stroller Toys
Stroller Netting
Weather Shield
Stroller Blanket (Special just for the stroller? How is it different?)
Stroller Diaper Bag (Do we really need a separate one just for the stroller?)

Backpacks & Carriers

Front & Back Soft Carriers
Sling & Wrap Carriers

Play Yards/Travel Yards

Play Yards/Travel Yards (We have one coming to us second hand.)
Play Yard/Travel Yards Sheets (Qty: 2-3)
Play Yard/Travel Yard Netting


Stationary Entertainers (What does that mean?)
Walkers (I thought these were gone?)
Gyms & Playsets (Eh?)
Full Size Swing
Travel Swing
Door Jumpers (Turn the baby into a cat toy in two easy steps...)
Baby Carrier (How is this different from the other carriers?)
Infant Positioner (Eh?)

Feeding & Nursing

Bottle Warmer (Really?)
Bottle Sterilizer (Dishwasher is insufficient?)
Burping Cloths (Qty: 6-12)
Cloth Diapers (Qty: 6-12) (Why are diapers listed here in addition to under "diapers?")
Lap Pads (Qty: 6) (Eh?)
Bibs (Qty: 8-12) (Mom says you can never have too many.)

Breast Feeding

Breast Pump (I’d appreciate brand/type suggestions)
Breast Pads (What are they?)
Breast Cream
Breast Shields (What are they?)
Breast Milk Storage (What does that mean?)
Containers or Bags
Nursing Pillow & Stool (I’ve already registered for the pillow and an extra cover.)
Nursing Wrap/Cover

Bottle Feeding

Bottles for Formula (Qty: 6-8) (Suggestions as to brand/type would be appreciated. I’m looking for BPA free.)
Bottle Nipples
Bottle Drying Rack
Bottle Brush (Do you need one if you’re running it through the dishwasher?)
Dishwasher Caddy (Not just on the rack?)
Insulated Tote (They mean a cooler, right?)

Solid Feeding

Feeding Sets (What do they mean by this?)
Training Cups (Is this a "sippy cup?")
Infant Spoons (For Home & Travel)
Baby Food Processors & Accessories

High Chairs

High Chairs
High Chair Cover
Splat Mat
High Chair Toys
Extra High Chair Pad

Booster Seats

Booster Seats
Splat Mat (I assume this is listed again in case someone skips straight to booster seats without looking at the high chairs category?)

Feeding Accessories

Feeding Accessories (What the heck does that mean?)

Bath & Potty

Bath Tub & Seat (We have one coming to us.)
Baby Bath Sponge
Washcloths (Qty: 8-12)
Hooded Bath Towels (Qty: 4-6)
Bath Robe
Gentle Shampoo & Body Wash
Baby Lotion
Bath Accessories ("Accessories" Meaning...?)
Bath Toys
Step Stool
Travel Folding Potty Seat
Stand Alone Potty Seat
Toilet Training Seat (Ring)

Baby Care & Grooming

Nail Clippers
Brush & Comb
Digital Thermometer
Ear Thermometer
Grooming Kit (Eh?)
First Aid Kit (Do we really need a separate one for her?)
Baby Mittens
Baby Oil
Alcohol Swabs (For what?)
Cotton Swabs
Cotton Balls
Petroleum Jelly
Gas Relief Drops
Pain Relief Products (Does this mean baby Tylenol?)

Diapers & Formula  (The diapers and pail will be provided by the diaper service)

Baby Wipes
Travel Wipes (Do I really need different wipes to go someplace?)
Wipe Warmer (Are you serious?)
Diaper Pail
Diaper Pail Refills
Diaper Bags (small and large) (Why two?)
Baby Changing Mat
Diaper Ointment


Audio Monitor
Video Monitor (Again – for real? How did we all make it this far? I can see wanting it in about 13 years...)
Cabinet/Drawer Latches
Safety Gates
Outlet Covers
Corner Guards
Edge Guards
Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Please – we have two fireplaces, a wood stove, and a boiler in the basement. Do you know how many smoke alarms I have?)
Travel Mirror (Eh?)


Cradle, Bassinet or Portable Crib (How many different sleeping places does one little girl need? What’s wrong with the crib?)
Cradle, Bassinet or Portable Crib Toys
Bedding Sets
Cradle, Bassinet or Portable Crib Sheets (Qty: 2-3)
Bassinet Netting (This isn’t Guam – we don’t have that many bugs in the house, and the ones that get in are crunchy snacks for the cats.)

Nursery Furniture

Crib (We have one coming on Monday.)
Crib Toys
Changing Table (We have one coming on Monday.)
Drawer Liners (I don’t line *my* drawers...)
Glider or Upholstered Rocker
Blanket Chest


Crib Mattress (We have one coming on Monday.)
Crib Mattress Pads (Qty: 3)
Vinyl Mattress Cover (This goes between the mattress and the mattress pad?)
Cradle, Bassinet or Portable Crib Mattress


Crib Bedding Set (including bumper)
Fitted Crib Sheets (Qty: 4-6)
Blankets (Qty: 4-6)
Receiving Blankets (Qty: 4-6) (What’s the difference between a "blanket" and a "receiving blanket?")
Waterproof Pads (Qty: 4-6) (For what?)
Sheet Savers (Qty: 4-6) (Eh?)
Changing Table Covers (Qty: 2-4) (Does this go over the pad?)
Changing Table Pads
Sleep Positioner (Are these the baby chocks?)

Room Decor

Wall Hanging (Please – we have enough art.)
Switchplate Cover (Actually, I’d planned to leave the wires hanging out.  More exciting that way.)
Crib Mobile (Can you say "cat toy?")
Wall Border (Are you NUTS? I just took the wallpaper DOWN!!!)
Window Treatments (Done)
Diaper Stacker (Eh?)
Hamper (Does she really need one all her own? What’s wrong with the one we’ve got?)
Waste Basket

Nursery Storage  (Yeah – anyone who knows me knows I’ve got this covered.)
Storage Solutions
Baskets/Storage Bins (Qty: 2-4)

Clothing and Layette

Homecoming Outfit (Is this like the "going away outfit" for weddings? Because I didn’t do that either.)
Matching Sets (Of what?)
Cap & Bootie Sets (Qty: 2-4)
T-Shirts (Qty: 4-6)
Side-Snap Shirts (Qty: 4-6)
Cotton Overalls (Qty: 3-6)
Gowns (Qty: 4-8)
Socks (Qty: 9-12)
Wearable Blankets (Qty: 2) (Eh?)
Clothing Hangers (Qty: 12-24) (For real? What’s wrong with drawers? It’s not like any of it needs the length to hang...)
Snow Suit or Bunting
One Piece Coverall (Qty: 4-6)
Outfits (Qty: 4-6)
Bodysuits/One Piece Shirts (Qty: 9-12)
Stretch Sleepers (Qty: 6-8)

Infant Toys

Soft Toys
Toys 0-12 Months
Toys 12-24 Months

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