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You know, I finally caved in to peer pressure and started this thing as the best way to keep in touch with my friend

merimask, because seeing her once a year was insufficient. (Incidentally, in this case absence does not make the heart grow fonder – I like her even more than I did when I only saw her once a year!) Somehow it seems to have metamorphosed into an ongoing journal of our redecorating. I’m reluctant to call it renovating, because it seems to me that "renovating" should involve the building or removal of structures. The only thing of that sort that has happened was the removal of the late, unlamented cage bar in the kitchen, leaving me scratching my head over six holes in the tile floor and a very large, very poorly done patch in the kitchen ceiling. But I digress.


So herewith I promise that someday I will actually post something interesting that does not involve paint, joint compound, wallpaper, dying/resurrected household appliances, or pry bars (I love my pry bar...) Honest. Cross my heart. Maybe October? ‘Cause I figure that there’s at least another six months hard time before we slow down and try to have lives for a while. Although having just looked at the master project list, I don’t think we’ll ever have our lives back. I wish I had the money to just hire people to do this stuff.

Currently my overly ambitious list has me stripping the glue from the half bath tomorrow night after my optometrist’s appointment, and painting test swatches of color on the end of one of the kitchen cabinets. I need to choose between flat and semi-gloss. Usually I wouldn’t have this much angst over paint finish, but the cabinets are going to be such a fiddly, fussy, annoying job that I only want to do it once!

Assuming that actually gets done tomorrow, I may prime the bathroom Friday night. It’s a small room which is good, but it’s a small room which makes it hard. I keep telling myself how wonderful it’s going to look when it’s done. I picked up a bunch of paint chips at lunch time. Said bathroom is the size of a long closet – slightly wider than the toilet, and just enough room to have a comfortable space between your knees and the corner vanity. The wall that the door is in, the wall behind the toilet, and the bottom half of the wall across from the door is done in red z-brick. The tiny piece of countertop is black. The vanity base and the cabinet over the toilet (which runs the "width" of the room) are dark walnut. The floor is brick-colored quarry tile. The sink is a stainless bar sink. The lighting is... inadequate. The current plan is to paint the cabinetry gloss white. The walls will be pale yellow – just yellow enough to be a noticeably different color than the cabinets. They make acrylic bar sinks that aren’t terribly expensive, so I can swap that sink out for something that looks a little more bathroom-y, and pick out a nice faucet. I’m going to wire in a new light bar over the mirror – probably in the next few weeks. And I’m toying with the idea of taking out the dim, thirty-year-old recessed light and putting up a semi-flush fixture. The jury is still out on that one. But for now – I’m hoping to get it primed.

Saturday Bob has to go to the office for 7:30 for their yearly physical inventory. Since I feel guilty about that, I’m going to serve my penance by finishing up the dining room and kitchen ceilings. It really needs to be done, and it’s not going to take care of itself. I borrowed a platform from my dad that I can set between the two ladders for scaffolding, and I’m just going to get it done. You all know how I love painting! I’m still not going to address the horrible ceiling patch yet – I’m going to paint around it. The rest should get done though. I may also test sand a small patch of one of the ceiling beams to see if I could take those back to being wood colored without unreasonable amounts of labor.

Sunday is a blank page right now. I’m currently thinking of a field trip to Lowes to look at pavers. The front walk claimed its first victim – Bob fell and took out his pants and a lot of skin off of his knee. So it’s time to research walkway construction, and price pavers. Maybe I’ll pick out bathroom lights while I’m at it. This is what "fun" is in my life these days.

I’m hoping that the optometrist will have my new supply of contacts in before we go to Philly on the 18th. We’re going to see the King Tut exhibit, and maybe spend a little time at the Museum of Art. It’s not a cheap trip, but it’ll be worth it. My friend

vynehornis going with us, and she knows some restaurants down there. The hotel looks like it’s located IN a business park, so I’m expecting something fairly no frills, and probably pretty empty. The nice ones were all $200 a night – I’m not feeling that affluent, and we wanted to stay two nights. Our entry tickets for the exhibit are for 8:30, so we’ll see how the surly non-morning person does.


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