kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Probably Not Good

Message on the answering machine from the doctor's office asking me to call them back.  No lab results on the web site yet.  Why do I have the feeling that I flunked the glucose screening test?

Great.  All night to chew my nails... 

EDIT:  So I called at 8:00.  Their phones weren't on yet.  Called back at 8:10.  "Shirley isn't in until 8:30."  Called back at 8:36.  "Shirley isn't in today."  Supposedly Wendy (the other nurse) is going to call me back.  Sometime.  So here I sit, tied to my phone.  Can't go to the file room, or the copier, or the ladies room, or the kitchen.  Haven't even had my cup of tea, and I'm becoming more unpleasant, thirsty, hungry and stressed by the moment.

Someone should tell these people that leaving that kind of message is kind of cruel.  It's a guaranteed cure for low blood pressure.  I can actually *feel* my blood pressure right now.
Tags: baby

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