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I think we passed!

The weekend was a resounding success, despite a dearth of energy input into the system. I didn’t get as much cleaning done on Friday as I wanted to. But its family, and they’ve seen the house so much worse that I’m sure it was fine.

Mom and Dad showed up at 9:55, with donuts. Everything is better with donuts. The visit went well, and would have even without the donuts. Mom described the house as "cozy," and I’m pretty sure that she meant it in a good way. Although she kept commenting about how much stuff we have. I really wish someone would give me credit for how much assorted stuff I’ve removed. I finally got to show her some of the outside, which was nice. They visited for about three hours, which I think is a new record. Once we’ve got a real couch, I might even convince them to stay longer. A grown up couch – what a concept!

Mom and I did a tour of the house while Bob and Dad set up the new-to-us laptop. We appear to be establishing Bob and Kris’ Home for Used Laptops and that’s just fine with me. Being the trailing edge technology person that I am, I’m really enthusiastic about taking old laptops from my brother when he upgrades the office. Free is always a good price. So now I need to buy another wireless card at Staples, and I really should get that wireless router set up. Bob had made noises about maybe he should set up the router so that I wouldn’t have to. I guess whichever one of us gets to it first will have the dubious pleasure. Aside from that, I picked my father’s brain about how to fix the double-hung windows that don’t want to stay open, talked about the retaining wall that I thought I wanted to build along the front garden, and discussed how to deal with the stairs from the deck that interferes with the basement hatchway. The retaining wall is a no-go, by the way. Dad says I’ll cause myself problems in my nice dry basement, and I’m not taking any chances with that. What a shame. Now I need to come up with a better idea for what to do with the big rocks that I’m going to have to move when we rip out the front walk. Maybe I’ll build a stone wall along the edge of the driveway instead. But I’ll also need a new idea for what to do with the dirt pile that is so irritating to my father. I suppose it can wait until next year when we roto-till the back yard.

After my parents left we went out and walked around the edges of our property, and laid out where Bob is going to set the archery target. In the process, we met another neighbor. Theresa, I believe her name is. I think this is the first one I’ve met without some sort of catastrophe, so let’s hope it’s a trend. She’s the other half of the couple who own the big black dog from the weekend before last. Cleo is going to get much bigger – she’s a half-grown Newfoundland. How neat is that – we’re going to have a Newfie next door.

When the charms of our back "yard" were no longer entertaining, we headed down and took a walk in Sessions Woods. Our street literally ends at the boundary of the Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area. I knew that it was close; I didn’t realize it was fall-out-of-the-driveway-take-two-steps close. The trail off of the end of the street links into the official trail system almost immediately. We’re going to stop by the nature center and pick up a couple of trail maps, and then I think I’ve found where we can do our walking. I just need a decent set of boots. It’s absolutely beautiful down in there. It reminds me of growing up in Brookfield and wandering all through the land behind my parents’ house before all the new homes went in. Next time I’ll try to grab my camera, and then I’ll try to figure out if I can post pictures on this thing. Everyone loves a challenge, right?

Sunday Becket attempted to end his career. A few weeks ago, he discovered that if he gets his paw into one of the tears in the quilt top, he can pull out hunks of batting. So I’d flipped it over. Saturday he managed to get at the top, and pulled more out. Sunday, he just tore a new hole in the back and got into the quilt. Yes, *into* the quilt: in between the backing and the batting. When I got upstairs he was racing back and forth inside the quilt, and occasionally falling off the edge of the bed. It must have been like a scuba diver under ice – he couldn’t find the hole. Between Bob and me (once we got over laughing hysterically) we got him out of there, and I took all the quilts off the bed. I don’t want him trying to get into the hand-quilted double wedding ring quilt my mother made for me. Until he’s forgotten that once upon a time he found toys IN the quilt, there won’t be one on the bed. It might take a month or two, or maybe longer. It’s not like we need a lot of blankets at this point.

After the cat extraction, Bob headed out to archery practice, and left me by myself. That’s when it really drove home how bad my eating habits have become. It was a constant battle to stay out of the kitchen, just because I was bored. There were a lot of things that needed to be done, but nothing that I could actually work up the energy to do. So I made myself move the dining table and I laid out all the SCA documents on the floor to figure out how to hang them, and then got them on the wall once I had a layout that I liked. I also played some computer solitaire, and read a little. It was grey, and I was unmotivated. But having the scrolls up in the dining room really warmed things up in there. That space is finally starting to look lived-in and has caused me to regain my enthusiasm for painting the kitchen cabinets. Problem is, I really should finish the ceiling first, and I have NO enthusiasm for that. I’m really sick of painting ceilings.

The next house projects? Start caulking the gaps in the kitchen cabinets so that I can paint in a few weeks, and finally strip the glue off of the bathroom walls. Probably pick out a light fixture so that I can just screw up my courage and cut a hole in the wall. I’m trying to decide if I want more brushed nickel, or if I want dark metal. Dark would be nice, but the sink is a stainless bar sink. I don’t want to get involved with replacing the sink/counter/vanity until we’re ready to take down the Z brick. That will mean pulling down all the wallboard, and at that point I intend to just gut that bathroom and start over.

All the raking appears to have had a salutary effect – I’m actually down a couple of pounds since the last time I stepped on a scale. We’ve got Sessions Woods to walk in, I’m going to get back on my stair stepper, and I have absolutely hours of "Planet Earth" on tape to watch while I’m doing it. I’m not allowing myself to eat because I’m bored, and I’m working on the stress eating (that’s harder to avoid.) We’ve re-introduced vegetables to our diet, and I’m determined to make this work. This afternoon, I think I’ll rake the leaves up off the street along our frontage. Every little bit helps, right?

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