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My Plans - With Malice Aforethought

I haven’t posted since the assorted debacles because there hasn’t really been much to talk about. Drains are clear, tires are round, I should have the new tire mounted and back on the car on Thursday (I’m currently running around with two snow tires on the back axle.) All has been resolved, and I’ve spent several evenings on the couch watching the flickering lights on the tube.

However, Memorial Day weekend is coming and that means two things: "The ‘80’s A to Z" on 105.9, and... painting! It’s not a holiday weekend if I’m not painting a room. At least, that’s how it’s been for the last couple of years. Last Memorial Day we made new doors for all the kitchen cabinets, painted, and made the kitchen significantly less ugly. Last Labor Day was stripping the wallpaper off the spare bedroom/soon to be nursery and painting. That was very foresightful of me, wasn’t it? This Memorial Day we will attack the last truly ugly room in the house – the upstairs bathroom. It’s that shade of mauve that looks like it needs to be scrubbed, if you know what I mean. Bob has already built the new doors for the cabinet, they just need to be sanded and stained. Unfortunately, he’s going to have to stain them because I’m not supposed to play with oil-based stains or paints. The latex wall paint though – no problem!

So here’s the plan: tomorrow I need to run to Home Depot for wallboard tape. I know I have/had a roll, but I can’t find it in the subterranean disaster I call a basement. There are multiple spots along the top of the shower enclosure where the tape has pulled away that need to be patched, and I’ve been putting it off. I know how to fix it on paper – we’ll see how it goes in real life. It should really be a two-day process to make sure everything has a chance to cure. If I cut out the damaged pieces and apply new mud and tape tomorrow, I should be able to apply a top coat on Friday, and it’ll be ready for paint Saturday morning. That’s the thought. We’ll see how it intersects with reality. Thursday and Friday should also include a general emptying of the room and all of the other necessary patching. There are some big holes in those walls.

Saturday morning we break out the Kilz (which I may need more of. Note to self – check tonight.) I’ve primed everything that I’ve painted in this house so far, and while it would take less time to just proceed to the color coat I’m trying to take the attitude of "it’s mine, do it properly." Priming is just No Fun. But if we can get the room and ceiling primed first thing, we’ll definitely have time for at least one color coat. Maybe two, but with the ceiling involved also that may be wishful thinking. While the primer is drying, perhaps we can finally get the shelf in my closet hung. Bob cut it for me something like six months ago, we just haven’t mounted it. Four hours later – color! Well, probably ceiling paint to start with. I can be a little sloppy about cutting in the ceiling paint if the walls are yet to be painted, and I like to cut myself as much slack as possible.

I really don’t think that we’ll get a coat of primer and two color coats onto the walls on Saturday. It’s within the realm of possibility, but with my reduced energy level I’m assuming that I won’t be able to attack this project like I am accustomed to. Also, I’ve previously made the mistake of not allowing the ceiling to dry sufficiently prior to cutting in the wall, and I won’t repeat that. So the second color coat will probably go up first thing Sunday morning. At that point there will be an interruption for a picnic. I’d like to say that we’ll do some more when we get home, but past history argues otherwise. I’ve got one little strip of wall that’s about 12" wide that will be a darker color – it may be realistic to plan to give that a third coat when we get home – there just isn’t much of it, and dark colors need more coats to look good.

Monday will hopefully be the day to hang things. I doubt the new cabinets will be in – I think I’ve got another week or two to wait on those. But assuming that tonight we find new sconces that we like, we can wire those in place, and I can hang my nice curved shower rod that I’ve been waiting a year and a half to put up. I don’t know if we’ll have the mirror situation resolved by then. The mirror that I want Will Not Fit. Given that I just ordered $400 of cabinets in order to eliminate a medicine cabinet in favor of a mirror just so that I wouldn’t need to open up the entire wall to rewire the sconces to be further apart in order to fit a medicine cabinet, I am certainly not going to open up the wall to rewire the sconces in order to fit a mirror. That’s just silly. So I’m going to keep looking to see what I can find. There is a Plan B, so I’m not terribly worried. Also, if we find sconces tonight I’ll actually know how much space I have. Right now I’m operating on a measurement of 23" center to center, which is a little squashy given that I don’t know how big the sconce bases are going to be. Also, once all the painting is complete, Bob can install the new faucet. I’m very excited about that – I hate the existing one.

It’ll be interesting to see if we can both manage to work in a small bathroom at one time. I think someone is going to end up standing in the tub a lot. Once this is done, the only things left that need attention à la painting will be the nursery closet (somewhat optional – it’s a closet, for the love of Pete,) and the downstairs bathroom. Oh, and that last bit of the kitchen that I’m studiously ignoring. La, la, la, la....

So those are the Great Ambitions. Bob has sworn that he’ll help. It’s a small room – we can do this.


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