kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

I hate this week

Which is fine, because it hates me too.

This morning was off to a fine start.  My parents were going to swing by the office so that we can swap vehicles.  They take my car, and I take Mom's Jeep.  The point of this process is so that I can have the Jeep for the run up to Boston on Saturday to borrow tables and benches for the Acorns & Pearls event.  With the Jeep we can pick up what we would like to borrow, as opposed to being constrained by the size limits of a compact car.

Notice the use of the past tense?

This morning was going pretty well.  With Bob's help I remembered to grab the quilt that my mom offered to mend for me and the last ultrasound pictures to show her, and I remembered to grab the spare key all by myself.  I even managed to get out to the garage last night with the shop vac to make the interior moderately presentable.  When I got to work I pulled out everything I need to keep with me - garage door opener, etc.  For some reason, I turned to look back at the car as I walked up the sidewalk.  Passenger side rear tire is flat.  Not rim-on-the-ground flat, but really close.

So I've called my parents, and called them off.  Bob is on his way back here from Pratt & Whitney, because apparently in my delicate state I shouldn't be changing tires.  Frankly, I'm not dressed for it and I haven't used a scissors jack in years.  He's going to swap on the emergency donut from either his car or mine (depending on which one actually has air in it,) and run the tire to either Town Fair or BJ's for repair.  Thereby losing most of a morning's work, if not more.

So now I need to work a trip down to Brookfield into the schedule to swap the cars.  I guess I'm not making that bonus trip to Ikea tonight to buy a couple of bookcases while I had the Jeep like I had planned.  Crud.

Best case scenario is that we can have it fixed in good enough time today that I can make the run down tonight.  In which case, perhaps there can be bookcases tomorrow.

I suppose I should be grateful that the disasters in our lives have been diminishing in intensity, but on mornings like this I just want the world to go pick on someone else. 

EDIT: Nope.  Rim-on-the-ground-flat.  I'm pretty sure that happened since I came in the building this morning.  Bob is on his way home to get a proper socket, a breaker bar, and a new lug nut.  One of them won't come off, so we can't get the flat off the car.  Which is a story all it's own, which probably won't be told here.  


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