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Moments of Horrifying Self-Realization

I just saw a picture of myself from the event last weekend. I need to lose weight. That is not the picture in my head, and the picture in my head *already* wasn’t flattering. So it’s time to get serious about the way I eat again, and it’s time to get active again. Last week with all the raking was actually a pretty good start, but I need to keep it up. Now that the house projects aren’t happening on a "get it done NOW" basis, I can start getting on the stair machine again in that time between when I get home and when Bob gets home. That’s my window to do all the things that I don’t necessarily want to share with him. I just need to find something to watch on the television to distract me from how much I *hate* exercising. Also, if he can start getting home at a decent time, I’d love to start walking again. We just have to find a manageable loop to do. Unfortunately I crave sweets when I’m stressed, and I’ve been really stressed for about a year now. I don’t quite know how to deal with that. Did I mention that I hate exercise?

I'm grumpy.  Remember that Wednesday was Secretaries' Day?  I refuse to call it by the politically correct name...  There are four of us in this department.  Two go flowers, and one was taken out to lunch.  Three guesses who the loser was - first two don't count.  In the grand scheme of things it's not a big deal, but it's stuff like this that make it hard to get out of bed some mornings. 

Last night was a qualified success. I say qualified because I didn’t get to everything on my list. But the line item to straighten up a bit in the garage got a little out of hand, as my projects tend to do. By the time I called a halt I had rearranged the snow blower, the wine press, a filing cabinet, a lot of scrap wood, consolidated my gardening supplies, pulled together all the cardboard that needs to be cut down, moved a box of books to the house, and gotten a good start on a bag of trash. Oh, and since I had to touch the lopping shears I also pruned a bunch of the dead wood off of the pine trees and cut the one in the back yard away from the deck railing. But I’m encouraged by how little crap we actually have in the garage at this point. It’s not nearly as bad as it looks, even though it looks pretty awful. I managed to create a space where I can store stuff for the next bulk pick-up month (July) so that I don’t forget to put things to the curb again. Apparently if you take bulky waste to the dump instead of waiting and putting it to the curb, they charge a tipping fee. That doesn’t quite make sense to me, but it's the way it is.  A trip to the Salvation Army will help with a lot of the residual clutter.

True to form, Bob started working on the fridge around, oh... 8:30? I want to say 9:00, but that might be an exaggeration. Because that’s obviously when you start disassembling a refrigerator – when it’s too late to call anyone and the hardware stores are closed. Next was a longish trip to Lowes, just before said closing time. Shortly before midnight he announces that the motor shaft is too long, it doesn’t fit properly, and the fan won’t run. Oh, but it’ll be fine. Then he wonders why my blood pressure is high... But the final word is that the fridge is fixed. It’s now capable of eating massive amounts of electricity for years to come, but I just need it to last until next winter. I think there’s a GE Profile in my future, unless I find something Kenmore that’s really compelling. I hate shopping for appliances. The stress of making a decision about a four-figure purchase that has to be correct for the next twenty years or so tends to paralyze me.

While he gutted the refrigerator (again,) I put things away and hung some more of the art in anticipation of the parental inspection. I’m actually really looking forward to Mom and Dad being able to see it looking like a cluttered house, instead of a Baghdad bombing site. Nonetheless, there will be a last frantic spate of cleaning tonight. This weekend? Maybe I’ll buy a lot of mulch and keep working on the gardens.

Shoveling is good exercise, right?

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