kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

I'm beginning to notice

that I might be pregnant or something. Literally just in the last week or so I’m starting to notice physical issues beyond being blinkin’ exhausted all the time (although I don’t think that’s as bad as it was.) It’s funny how it is kind of a "Sproing! Guess what?!" sort of a thing. There isn’t anything specific that I can cite, it’s more of a bunch of little things whose cumulative effects add up to the sensation of "something has changed." I’m finding that I prefer to sit differently – my posture has changed. I cannot sit comfortably on our sofa – it’s too low, and I think that the position it creates tends to smush my already-beginning-to-be-smushed guts in uncomfortable fashions. That will be resolved (for the time being) when the new sofa arrives on Wednesday. Of course I figure that as my innards continue to be compacted in new and unusual ways that any comfort I regain will be a temporary illusion at best. I’ve noticed that I’m a little more uncomfortable trying to sleep than usual. Given that I never sleep very well to begin with, I’m not sure that is really saying much. I’ve got a new body pillow that seems to be helping, although getting used to it is a temporary part of the problem. Stuff like that.

I’m just a little uncomfortable most of the time. There’s nothing in particular that I can really point to, I’m just generally uncomfortable. The only thing that I can call out in particular is that when I sneeze I have sharp pain in the muscles just under my bust. That’s annoying, especially in allergy season, but it’s also ignorable. I think most of my aches and pains are assorted muscles and ligaments saying "Okay – yes the system was designed to stretch and expand in this fashion, but that was thirty-nine years ago! You can’t expect it to all work like it was new!"

Other parts are doing interesting things that I’m not going to discuss here. It’s still a family show, and I’m going to stick to that resolution for as long as I can.

I’ve also noticed that all of a sudden my smaller shirts are tight. I wear my clothes loose in general because I’m self-conscious about my weight, so when something suddenly fit I noticed it. I think that as far as getting to the end of next month without my co-workers knowing – my ticket to disappointment city has been punched. That’s fine. I’ve made it through the first four months anonymously, and personally I think that’s pretty good. I’m going to be mean about it though – I’m going to make them ask. That should be good for a delay of another week or so, and it’ll be hilarious. There’s nothing quite as dangerous as asking someone if they’re pregnant if there is any possibility that they’re just putting on weight. I’ll be interested to see who gets put up to it – I’m pretty sure that they’re going to ask Kari first, and she’s a terrible liar. But even so, they’ll still need to say something to me at some point, and I don’t intend to make it easy. A la "Really? Where did you hear that?" This could be fun...

So next week I’ll pin down the department VP so that we can talk about the things that only I do around here. Most of it is insignificant. I’m the official CampusShip contact for our UPS account, but everyone has the same permissions – I’m just the one who handles things. I take care of making sure that our mailing supplies and toner for the Legal1 printer are in stock but again, anyone can do that. The only thing that’s mission critical and restricted is the department billing. That’s the thing I’ll need to chat with him about. I will be VERY interested to see how that conversation evolves.

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