kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Seasonal Ambitions

This is really a list for myself to help keep on track.

Projects for the summer:

 Redo the downstairs bathroom:
* Remove the old sink, exhaust fan, sconces, and all existing moldings;
* Paint;
* Replace baseboard, chair rail, crown, door, and window moldings;
* Install new sink, new faucet, new fan, and new light fixtures that have already been purchased;
* Replace bathroom door.

 Redo the upstairs bathroom:
* Patch and paint walls;
* Stain and install new cabinet doors (already built);
* Install new faucet (already purchased);
* Install curved shower rod (never got around to hanging it);
* Purchase and install new wall storage cabinets;
* Purchase and install new sconces;
* Purchase and install new mirror;
* Possibly build and install new drawers in current empty space;
*Possibly replace molding;
Replacing the doors can wait a little while.

Build and install a new sink cabinet in the kitchen where the wet bar was (will require purchase of sink and faucet.)

Patch kitchen ceiling and finish painting the last wall/ceiling.

Have chimneys swept and reline furnace flue.

Build a terrace for the woodpile. This will involve digging out a small trench to set some of those pre-cast retaining-wall pieces and creating a very small retaining wall off of the back of the garage so that we can create a level terrace. I anticipate that it will be three blocks high at its deepest point, including the row that will be mostly buried. Then lots of back fill with some dirt and a lot of gravel, and pressure treated 2x4’s to actually stack the wood onto.

Order three cords of wood for next winter. Two was not enough. Then stacking will be necessary.

Rototill the back yard (reducing the size of the garden beds in the process) and seed.

Replace the front walk. Yes, I know I said I was going to do that last fall. Guess what? Didn’t get to it. This is a matter of pulling up the existing stones (which I have a use in mind for), digging out the path, laying down landscaping cloth, sand, and gravel, and laying pavers. What fun.

Then there’s all the general maintenance stuff – replacing some rotten clapboards, washing the roof, touching up some peeling paint, etc.

This was an ambitious list before I got pregnant. But I think if we work at it steadily, we should be able to get a lot of it done – because it’s going to get harder after we have a baby. A lot of these are things that I can do regardless, that both of us can work on, or that I was only ever the creative portion to begin with. I dream the stuff up and buy the power tools, and then Bob builds it for me. It’s one of many reasons that I love him.

We’ll need to set up a nursery also, but that room was already DONE before we even started on the occupant. Wallpaper stripped, walls painted, pictures hung. I’d like to replace the molding, but that’ll wait. She won’t care for a few years. The walls and ceiling are done; all we need to do is move stuff in.

I’ll check back in the fall and see how we’ve done.


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