kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Death and Sofas

The rat traps that I ordered on Saturday arrived on Tuesday, and I had Bob set one out that evening. There is a huge hole right by the base of the steps by the side door that leads under one of the front garden beds, right up against the foundation. Didn’t even bother to bait it – just set it by the hole. When Bob got home from work, it had done in a chipmunk. He reset it. By the time we were leaving to go to the furniture store after I got home and changed clothes, it had gotten another one. That’s how many of them we’re dealing with – we don’t even need to bait the traps. I’ll admit that I am making Bob empty the traps so that I don’t have to deal with the unbearable cuteness. He says that he doesn’t find them that appealing and that it doesn’t bother him. I don’t know if he’s just being nice to me, but I’ll take it. So now that we’ve determined that the traps are indeed effective, I’ll start finding the active holes and we’ll get them all set out. I’m going to put one by the gi-normous hole to the left of the garage and see what happens. That hole is big enough to break your leg in (we’ve both tried.) I’m hoping its chipmunks and not something ickier or more problematic. But that’s why I ordered six traps – if something big walks off with one of them we’re not dead in the water.

As I mentioned in passing, we headed off to Bassett Furniture last night and bought a sofa. It’s what they call semi-custom, so it’ll be a few weeks before we get it. Which is good – it’ll be a few weeks before the house is picked up enough to be able to bring it in. I am now having palpitations about the fabric I picked out – that’s a lot of money to spend and not like it once it’s in my house. I’m worried that it’s too green a taupe, it won’t go with anything, and in a week I won’t like it.. But either way, we’re going to own our very first grown-up sofa. It’ll be nice to have some decent seating in the living room. We’re going to need a couple of end tables, because the one we’ve got is now going to be too big for the space. But we’ll deal with that in a little bit. That of course will make me want a new coffee table, and that can wait even longer. We’re getting it done a bit at a time.

It only took eight years of marriage to get here. What can I say? – we’re running a little behind...

So the next house thing to figure out is how to move the desk/computer into the library so that the living room will be purely seating. I’ve only got 42" to work with, a lot of components, and I don’t want to block the window with a hutch. This is going to take some imagination.


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