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Coming Clean

It’s SO nice to be able to tell people. No – it’s not "nice." It’s fun. I learned this weekend that a LOT of people had written us off. Most of the reactions were very positive, and a lot of people seemed genuinely delighted for us. A few were as shocked as my mother was. :-) I’m hoping that we’re not asking for trouble by announcing it, but we have to take that chance sometime. We’re past all the really high risk time frames, and if something is going to go wrong at this point it’s in the nature of a freak occurrence that can’t be planned for.

I’m still toying with the idea of Pennsic. I know that I can’t go like we usually do. Firstly, Bob doesn’t get any vacation time. But more importantly, I’m not going to be able to tolerate that heat at seven months. Best case – I’d be miserable. Worst case it would be dangerous. I also don’t want to use up a week of vacation that I could tack onto my maternity leave. But the bottom line is that it would just be stupid. On the other hand, I’ll only be seven months and I’ll likely be in desperate need of a few days off. So we’re thinking of getting a hotel and doing a long weekend. I figure that if we get to July and either I’m already completely miserable or the doctors say "no" I can just cancel the room. That’s pretty easy. The fee for the first week is only an additional $20 each if we want to go out early, which isn’t bad. I think we would not pre-register, just because we might cancel up until the day it’s time to leave. But I kind of think this could work.

Okay – I don’t want to miss my 20th consecutive Pennsic. I’m being stupid – I know. Hey, just wait until we take a one year old. Susan said that children were welcome in camp...

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