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The tyger's cub for Mudthaw is done.  For various reasons, this particular assignment has been unreasonably difficult.  I'm pleased with it though.  I can point out at least a dozen flaws with it, and I can see that I'm coming off of a six year hiatus, even if no one else can.  But I think they can.

I've come away from this assignment with at least one resolution: I need to spend some quality time with my pigments when I'm NOT on a deadline.  The green earth gave me a horrible time.  I'm looking at the colors that I'm having trouble with, and they're all the "mud" colors: green earth, yellow ochre, red ochre - the ones that are made out of, well, mud.  The chemical and mineral shades: cadmium red, titanium white, ultramarine, etc. I'm good to go with.  It may have something to do with particulate size, or may it's a texture issue.  I don't know.  But the only way to find out is to spend some time just screwing around with them.

The other thing I need to do is mix a new batch of glaire.  My last batch had mold suspended in it that was too fine to deal with.  I think it got shaken around when we switched refrigerators.  So I dumped it, but forgot to make more.  Therefore this piece was done with yolk based egg tempera rather than glaire based.  Not really a problem, but the original piece likely would have been done with glaire.  So, time to make an really nasty merangue, so to speak...

So all the calligraphy and painting are done, and I think I'm all packed.  Tomorrow morning when there is sunlight available I'll take pictures for my records, and we'll get on our way to Mudthaw.  Luckily there is a Staples right on the way, so I can also get my color copy.

Remind me again that I do this for fun?  This is when I have a hard time remembering - when my hand is cramped up and it's hard to turn my head.  Oh yeah - note to self: adjust your damn drawing board!

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