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It's a Girl!

Alicia called from the Genetics department at UConn yesterday, just as I was on my way out the door for a chiropractor’s appointment. Every chromosome is perfect! And she’s a girl!

She sounded so happy and excited – almost more than me. I imagine that in a job where you have to make the icky phone calls, the good ones become a bigger joy.

So. This means we can start telling people. I started by calling my mother as soon as I got home. Mom takes surprises about as well as I do – which is to say "badly." I believe it was something along the lines of "that’s wonderful, I think." After all these years, they had completely written us off, so she was completely flabbergasted. Dad sounded pleased. I think they’re both very happy – the emails I got from mom this morning certainly were. Interestingly enough, everyone seems very excited that it’s a girl, because that’s so much nicer. I’m not sure if I would have gotten the same schpiel in the other direction if it had been a boy. I don’t really care – just idle curiosity.

This weekend we’ll be able to tell people at Mudthaw, and I believe that this Sunday Bob is going to call Erica and tell her. I hate to have her find out over the phone, but it would be worse to have her find out second-hand. This puts me within nine days of taking it live on the LJ. I want to tell

merimaskin person, and then after that I’ll unlock and let word of mouth run rampant.


I’ve told two of my three bosses. I’ll try to catch the third one sometime today – sometime when my nosy cube-mate is away, since she sits right outside his door. Nell and Diane were delighted, which was nice, and they’ve agreed to keep it between us. Supportive bosses are always a plus.

It’s a relief to be able to have this out for people. I’m accustomed to relying on the support of my friends, and keeping things from them feels unnatural. Much less for two months. It’ll be nice for people to know why I’ve been kind of distracted!

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