kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Hooray for Air Conditioning

I’m running several days late on this, but it’s been that kind of a several days.

We have air conditioning! The crew showed up last Friday, installed the concrete pads and the two outdoor units, ran all the assorted piping and wiring (wiring installed by a certified electrician, not a family member – very unusual for any house I live in,) drilled holes in my house, and mounted the two indoor units. I actually managed to wait until 11:30 before calling Bob from the office and saying "Well!...." I gather it all went very smoothly. The cats didn’t appreciate being locked in the spare bedroom, but sometimes life is disappointing when you’re the cat.

One of the nice things about this process was that we got confirmation of something we suspected from papers that came with the house but were not certain of. This house is built with 2x6 construction, rather than 2x4 – and therefore has extra insulation. Apparently the installers commented on how good our insulation is. That’s nice to hear.

Bob gave me the tour of the remote when I got home, and these things are really impressive. And talk about quiet. The fan is hardly audible at top speed, and since the compressor is outside I won’t hear that either. I think this is going to be an even better investment than I originally speculated. The salesman is going to call back sometime this week to touch base with us and get us copies of the permits for my file. I like to have all that stuff at my fingertips. Just in case. So it’s all done except for the paying for it part.

It’s supposed to get cold again in a couple of days, and we’re out of wood. I kind of figured that would happen, but it still stinks. I’m going to order three cords for next year, and this time I’m going to order it in, oh, May. That way we’ll have all summer to stack it, and it should be nicely dry by the time we want it. This last batch was still awfully green. Which reminds me that it’s time to call the chimney sweep...

A co-worker of mine has a 1700’s era house, and commented that if you have an old house you get to the point where you just keep a basket of signed checks by the door and instruct the various contractors and handymen to just grab one and fill it in on their way out. I’m now very clear that it’s not just old houses that this applies to. To think – when we started house-hunting, Bob questioned the amount of my projected monthly budget for maintenance/repairs.


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