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Five Days and Counting

These last five days are going to drive me nuts. I was mostly fine until Saturday, and then all of a sudden I just needed it to be settled. I wanted to tell my parents on Sunday so badly that it was torturous. I’m sure that if I’d actually asked Bob he would have said "go ahead." But I just kept thinking about that one in thirty statistic for birth defects at my age. I can’t do it. I just can’t. So. Five days, and an eternity...

But on the bright side, I seem to have been one of the ninety-nine in one hundred women who get through CVS without any adverse affect. I’m about 24 hours away from having made it through the week unscathed, so I’m going to feel free to relax. I’m still kind of crampy, but I think that’s as much from my innards starting to get rearranged as anything. Just bad timing that it gave me something to over-analyze.

I think I have had morning sickness – just so mild that it only just occurred to me. Every so often I feel queasy, I have a peppermint candy, and it goes away. I can accept that. It seems like nothing in my life is ever simple, so it’s nice to have escaped one of the big miseries.

I want the damn results.

We’ve started to think about how to tell Erica. Or rather, I’ve started pushing to make sure that Bob is thinking about how to tell Erica. I hope that she’ll be happy for us (even though it’s going to make for a weird family for her), but given the propensity for drama I just don’t know. At least since she’s on the internship it’s not like we’d be dropping it on her in the middle of finals or anything.

Waiting until Friday for results just might kill me...