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The cat is downstairs.  She came downstairs by herself, went and ate her dinner herself (I've been digging her out from under the bed and carrying her to the bowl), went back upstairs, and just came back down again.  This is the closest we've been to normal behavior since last Thursday.

Sounds like she's hitting the water bowl.

AND she spent last night up on the bed all night.  She stomped up my hip this morning and demanded skritches.

This is very encouraging.  Perhaps she listened last night when I threatened that I was going to make another vet appointment if the hiding was still going on when we hit the one week mark.

In other news, Dave from Air Temp Mechanical has been and gone.  We've signed the contract, and by the end of the day on Friday, we'll have air conditioning!  I'm still horrified at the amount of money, but I'm very excited.  Ironically, they do their no interest financing through Home Depot - the folks we've been using for all our other no interest financing.  Good thing the fridge is almost paid off, or there wouldn't have been room on the card!  But I find it amusing that it's just an ongoing trend that we're using their money so often.

I think I'm going to pay the fridge off tonight, just for wiggle room...


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Mar. 20th, 2008 06:06 am (UTC)
Oh good! Poor Nishka. Whatever had her down, it sounds like it's clearing up. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Paying off the fridge is a good idea. I try to never assume a new payment until we do away with an old one. There's a finite number of bills we can safely juggle. It's not the amount of money we pay out every month...oddly enough it's the number of bills! I hit "bill overload" & just start ignoring them.

Fortunately, the fact that I get big whacks of cash at odd intervals lends itself to just paying cash for big items outright. It's hilarious, going appliance shopping with me after Pennsic. Greg says I walk in there, point at a model on the floor, say "that one" & pull a wad of cash out of my pocket like a drug dealer or a mob boss. ^_^
Mar. 20th, 2008 03:24 pm (UTC)
She spent last night on the bed again, and got up and down by herself. When I left for work, she was down in the middle of the kitchen. She's still not moving right - she debated jumping down from the bed for a long time and then went to the other side and hopped down via the ottoman we put there for a step for her, and last night she obviously *wanted* to get down into the papasan chair but couldn't. But she's not hiding anymore, which is the behavior that was really worrying me.

There was room for the remaining two fridge payments AND the air conditioning on the card, but the way they apply payments against all the different promotions is really murky. I've read through that section multiple times and I'm still not clear about it. So rather than take any chances I took some money out of savings and paid it off (I'll just put the next two "payments" back into the savings account.) This way everything is nice and neat. I like to have each promotion paid off completely before I start the next one. I could probably pay cash for the air conditioning, but this way I don't have to scoop money out of savings in big bucketfulls.

I want to go appliance shopping with you - that's got to be a real show.

I need to put in for my half-vacation day for the Friday of I-Con...
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